January 1, 2009

WAR: Age of Blogging

Every MMO improves a lot with the activity level of its community. If you're playing and chatting with good & fun people your personal fun factor will increase a lot. The Warhammer community consists of a lot of active folks, a bunch maintain blogs like Stunty Stomper to tell the tales of their journeys or discuss game mechanics with fellow gamers. Over the last months some of the larger blogs stopped updating, some stopped playing WAR, some started to work on other projects, the reasons are many. A bunch of us "active bloggers" from the Warhammer community put our heads together and started the WAR: Age of Blogging initiative.
We want YOU to start your own blog and post about your adventures and ideas in Warhammer Online. Discuss what you like and dislike, tell us about your conquests.

Should you start your own blog during January 2009, the participating blogs will feature links to your "new" blog while we discuss the ongoing event. Getting traffic routed from the major blogs will bring a bunch of people to your blog right from the start. Not only will we try to promote your blog, but we also offer you advice & tips at our small blog community blogwarhammer. Getting started with your own blog is pretty easy if you use eg. Blogger or WordPress. Should you search for more guides or have questions, head over to blogwarhammer and we'll try to help you out.

To participate you only need to set up your own blog and start writing. Once you have a few posts & content up for all to see, introduce your blog and refer to the initiative.

Blogs that support WAR: Age of Blogging are
Stunty Stomper
The Greenskin
Wizards & Wenches
Way of the Chosen
RP That Way
Tome of Knowledge
Fires of War
Obsessive Focus
Blame the Healer
Echoes of Nonsense
Metro Gamer
Lucky Number 2D6

We're looking forward to hear some strong, fresh and new voices coming from the community itself. Start your own blog today!


Yitu said...

What happens with german bloggers?

Thulf said...

I sehe kein Problem damit auch Deutsche Blogger mit in die Initiative aufzunehmen - ich bin zumindest in der Lage die Blogs zu lesen. ;) Es mag sein, dass einige nur englische Blogs featuren werden, da sie nur darüber etwas schreiben können bzw. sich hauptsächlich and die englisch-sprachige Community richten. Einfach im Forum vorstellen, mit dem Vermerk deutsches Blog - Schaden kann es sicher nicht.

PS: Danke für den Link, aber der Stuntystomper (e) link zeigt auf Sothis Spielwiese. =)