January 25, 2009

WAR: Age of Blogging III

The WAR: Age of Blogging initiative so far really exceeded all our expectations. There are so many new blogs, its great. And also due to the initiative some already established blogs got more coverage and found their way into our awesome blogger community. It's great to be able to stick your heads together and talk about ideas & problems connected to blogging and WAR. Mythic & GOA have been very helpful in featuring the Blogging community and also Warhammer Alliance recently started a series, introducing blogs to the community. Great stuff!

Recently some of us more popular bloggers had to deal with a bunch of plagiarism. Beside the single map or article that gets "stolen" and posted without credit, there are also others that use your RSS feed to automaticly repost all the text and try to fill up their content for their website quickly, so they get better search engine rankings and usually they try to sell game gold or gaming guides. If you read my blog through a RSS feed reader, you might have noticed the little graphic at the end to identify the text as coming from my blog. Now you know why this was added.

Should you have missed the first wave of blogs new since WAR: Age of Blogging, check out the list here.
To continue the influx of new WAR blogs to check out, have a look at those:

A Gamer's Yarn
Biel's Chosen Words
Blood, Faith and Fire
breakfast at war
Clockwork Landmine
Dark Crag Dispatch
Echoes of WAR
Girl IRL
Girly Elves
God of Healing (German)
Knights of the Feathered Hats
Kutu's Blog
Mudjai's Frog Blog (DoK)
Nerf 'Em All
Ninjagon Metalstories (czech/english)
Scarbigrot's Warhammer Misadventure's
Shadow WAR
Shock 'n Waaagh!
Sneaks Speaks
Spank the Tank
Stefson's MMO ramblings
The Kitchen Philosopher
WARart (spanish)
WAR according to Godstomper
War is Everywhere
WAR is the Answer
WAR of Alts
Wide Eyed Newb

Keep up the good work guys. I think after the month is over I'll go through each blog again and write a bit more about my favorites. I already added two of the blogs to my links.


Godstomper said...

Thanks for posting, WAR according to Godstomper.

Seriously nice of you, I'll add you to my blogroll. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks a bunch for the link! =D

nightwreath said...

Thanks so much for posting the link to Echoes of WAR! It's great to be part of the WAR blogging community. :) I'll add you to my blogroll also. Cheers!

Meteorfall said...

Thanks for this Thulf ! I'm a big fan of da' Stunty Stomper !