January 12, 2009

Since the EU CSR has no clue...

maybe one of you guys encountered this as well and has a solution for it. Ever since our first or second Altdorf city siege the Empire warstory in my Tome has gone "missing". All pages are blank and only show ??? for the different entries, while nearly all of it was populated before. The single entries i eg. can access via the RvR influence bar are still there and also my inf shows as well. The CSR answer to the first ticket said i should try /reloadui while having the page open. Did not work. The second answer i got today reads:
Thank you for your report. We have investigated the issue and what you have described is perfectly normal as long as you haven't flown to empire and taken quests in that area. If you have completed quests in the empire area then you should see more information instead of the ??? depending on the quest you have done.

I'm rank 40 and traveled the world for Gork's sake! So far CSRs have been useless in most games I've played, why do i even bother? I can't really approve their investigation skills. Anyone had this as well and was able to fix it somehow?


arbitrary said...

I'm sure someone in our guild had this problem.. I'm wracking my brain for how they fixed it... I'll see if I can find them to ask tomorrow

mko_san said...

You can try deleting the local cache that game makes. It could help - it's the \cache\ dir in your WAR folder.

That cache is made, as in case of most online games, to reduce server load. It will rebuild itself when you login and request specific features [ie open your ToK on specific page].