January 19, 2009

Ragbag & New Black Orc Mounts

What to do with all the cash? Gold so far is pretty useless in WAR. Mythic stated they don't want gold to be that important, but there are enough players, like me, that like to trade & craft and pile riches like Stunties. Shouldn't there be more money sinks people can work on? Like really expensive, but good looking, dyes? Or how about prestigious mounts that will cost a fortune. I don't really care if they're even faster, they should just look different. Talking about Black Orcs, my vote would go to these three creatures: Juggernauts of Khorne (cloaked in sheets of steel and brass), Rhinoxen (furry Ogre mounts) or as an enhancement of the already used boar theme: Tuskgors. Which creature would get your vote? Talking about mounts: Mythic, why do we get dismounted when riding into the Apex in the Inevitable City? Am i the only one that thinks this is annoying?

Werit wrote a nice post about Creating WAR Web Tools, how to read information from webpages and use them to create an online tool. He'll talk further about this subject, so check his blog.

Magnus guarantees that your characters will stay intact for a minimum of six months, should you cancel your subscription or take a break.

A lot of players still have difficulties to understand the zone capture & victory point system. Like with the wards system, its something Mythic does not explain properly ingame or elsewhere, so people fail to understand it. I'd also advice you to either use the macro to show VPs or use an addon like Compact VPs that shows the correct amount and not rounding to 100 to cap a zone. If you want to read up on it, check here for a more detailed description how Victory Points and zone control work.

The lost map of Lost Vale challenge is going great, the next challenge will be posted later today.


SlevinBE said...

I would go for the Rhinox, although it would be nicer if it was a bit more armoured. The Juggernaut of Khorne is a bit too robotic for me, too much armour.

I also think it's annoying that you dismount when entering the Apex in IC, and it really has no use. But I don't have that problem anymore now that I rerolled Order :)

Anonymous said...

In the table top game Orc Characters could ride an "Ironback Boar" which is a mechanical boar made by chaos dwarves. It looks kinda like the Juggernaut (without the khorne theme) but it's a boar.

I'd have no problem with this as a rare orc mount. There is also concept art for more heavily armored boars floating around.

I think they will probably save the Tuskgor and Rhinox if they ever decide to make Beastmen or Ogres playable characters.

Kezrak said...

Would go with the Rhinox, too :)

btw, what do you mean with "not roundig to 100"? Does this mean mod tools like RealmStatus are not showing the real numbers? o_o

Thulf said...

Some addons scale the victory points given by the API to 100%, as they think its easier to read for people, while you need 66 VP to lock a zone, those addons would show then 100%. As a result people sometimes talk about different numbers and get confused. The zone capture mechanism is about to change tho, as paul stated in his latest video.