January 29, 2009

"Call to Arms" Update & Land of the Dead

Seems like the cat jumped out of the sack before Mythic could post their large announcement. Reading at eurogamer.net, GOA has announced a big "Call to Arms" update. The news include Orc Choppa and Dwarf Slayer confirmed (in March, early access throuh live-event again), a Land of the Dead zone (in June) which includes an enormous new Tomb Kings dungeon (accessable through a Darkness Falls mechanic: whoever controls the area will unlock the public quests and instances associated with the zone). Two previous live events are needed to be completed by the realms to gain access.

Now lets hope we'll get some more in detail information (and pictures) about the stuff...

Updates from Mythic:
CALL TO ARMS Live Expansion
WAR Live Event: Night of Murder
WAR Live Event: Bitter Rivals
Press Release


flintlocks said...

Mmmm, Darkness Falls without the perma-stealth rogue classes of old sounds great!

I remember having a blast in DF, but the only drawback was that inevitably some jerk would grief your healer when you were in the middle of a giant boss fight.

wayofthechosen said...

Well a DF type dungeon would be awesome, but I wonder how well it work with just 2 factions

zin said...

Well I think this was the worst hypeup anouncement since lunch!

they didn't leak any info on anything but the classes so I don't know if I should be hyped or not :(