January 14, 2009

WAR: Age of Blogging II

Like i mentioned earlier, the WAR: Age of Blogging initiative is going very well. A larger amount of people started new blogs and in addition we were able to draw more blogs into the blogger forum we use. It's nice to have a place to be able to put the heads together with other bloggers and especially for blog-newbies, this can be very helpful. The motivation for people to blog is different, but we all share the interest for the game. If you want to read some brief statements why people blog, head over to the Garrision of War, the blog did a few one question interviews with some of us bloggers.

The main reasons i started blogging were two: I started back in 2005 while playing WoW. I was playing on a roleplay server and part of a small guild. There were not many groups that were running the end-game content initially, so it was hard to get a spot for a tank if it was not your guild running the show. So i was searching for ways to heighten my character profile on my server and get to know more players. I've been involved in writing articles before and always been interested in blogging. Therefore i thought those two things are a great match and started my own blog. As I'm involved with marketing IRL it also gives me the possibility to try out new things like search engine optimization, etc. and play around with blog possibilities. Since I've always been curious and explored a lot of content, i realized there is more then enough topics to talk about. In addition i really like to discuss certain aspects of the game that interest me and its easier to get your message across on a blog then in a forum, where all the different threads are a pain to track. Although it takes quite a while until you get enough readers that come forward and discuss with you inside the comments. Overall it does take some time, but it can be a lot of fun.

So how about you start your own blog today? WAR: Age of Blogging is still running. ;)

There has been an awesome influx of new blogs... if you need something to do, while stuck at work, check them out here:

Alt Much?
Asuryan's Flames
Blame the Healer
Bootae's Bloody Blog
Bow & Stab
Bugmans Best
Cabal of WAR
Casual Chaos
Da Bloggy Tingy
Doodz Wherez my Blog
From The Forging of Fire and Ice
Grumble and Mutter
Healer at Heart
High Magic
High on Chaos
Incoming Pull
Laughing Lion Tavern
Live for the Ding!
My personal WAR
Nerf the Cat
One side of the fence
Rainbow MMO
RP That Way ===>
Sneaky Gitz
That's Skar With A K
The Rant
Tome of Gonna
WAAR Stories!
Warhammer Addons Reviewed
WAR! for Casuals
WAR Roleplaying for Dummies
Yitus Warhammer Blog (German)

I looked at all of them and will keep following their development over the next weeks. Only those centric around WAR are listed. Check blogwarhammer.net for even more. Some blogs seem very promising. Keep up the good work guys!

New Blogger Tip of the Day:
Use paragraphs. Seriously, use paragraphs when it fits the content. This will make it much easier to read instead of a wall of text critting you for 30.000 spiritual damage. If you talk about different topics in one post, highlight keywords to guide readers faster through the text. Also use some pictures to break up the text and make it visually more attractive. Best would be to use ingame screenshots (fitting the content if possible), but even a creative use of Google Imagesearch is better then nothing.

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Dream Lane said...

Great post Thulf!

Your tip about using paragraphs is so true. Also, using images and bold lettering is a great way to make a wall of text look less like a wall of text.