September 17, 2008

The Sacellum Dungeons: East Wing

Yesterday we went back into the The Sacellum Dungeons (Inevitable City). Our group was Black Orc (me), Chosen, 2x Disciple of Khaine and Witch elf - ranging rank 12-14 or something like that. The East Wing starts with champions rank 13 and they go up one or two levels later on. The whole dungeon is themed like some broken down prison wing. It was fun to see some new mobs and we got a bunch of tome unlocks for newly encountered species.

Tanking with rank 12 is a bit tricky as i only got Clobber, Taunt and Save Da Runts to help me out when everyone just goes all out on DPS. But with an off-tank (using a timed taunt every now and then) it was no problem, tho I'd suggest to take one (especially in the next wing) because of the trash groups. In the sum up concerning tanking it was not a problem at all. The bosses in the East Wing do some knockbacks and stuff, but overall nothing complicated - tank'n'spank.

There are three bosses in the Sacellum Dungeons: East Wing
Ghalmar Ragehorn
Uzhak the Betrayer
Vul the Bloodchosen
Vul is the final boss, has a shitload of HP and drops a green (but very good) set item, part of a two-item-set.

Overall the dungeon wing is rather short (but in a fun way) you pull a few trash groups, then a boss - rinse and repeat.

The West Wing is a different story and with our ranks the mobs there did hit us pretty hard, but we'll go back soon. One or two levels should do the trick to survive. Our sneak peak shows that wing will become even more fun...

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