January 29, 2009

Ragbag and Saint Valentine's Day Massacre

This morning i stumbled over the Picasa Web Album from Josh Drescher. Some funny pictures in it, check them out. The latest quirk from the BlackBerry-Generation seems to be using social networks like Twitter, posting short lines online about what you're doing right now. Paul Barnett and Josh Drescher are no exception. ;)

Warhammervault posted news about my Lost Vale map. They did not link to my blog from the news, but directly to the map graphic tho. Better bookmark my blog, in case the map gets updated later on.

Magnus says Karak-Azgal is the largest server in Europe, and also well balanced.

The Saint Valentine's Day Massacre will come to a Twisted Tower next to you soon. A bunch of bloggers located in the US got mysterious love letters from Mythic. Regis over at Wizards & Wenches sums the whole thing up nicely, he thinks the poems hint towards Death Night as a live event in February. The interesting thing are the numbers and letters on the back of each card. So far 10/13 cards have been posted by bloggers. A nice marketing stunt from Mythic and I'm sure many of the bloggers feel happy about a fun hello from Mythic.
BTW Regis, now you outed yourself as a Lost (TV series) fan... saw what you did there in your blog header.


Yitu said...

LOST? I like the story presentation. Flip in the past nad now, new in season 4 for germany, in the future.


from a german LOST-fan! :)

Regis said...

So you saw that :P

Funny thing is, those numbers probably mean as much as Mythic's Valentine numbers. Nothing.

Meteorfall said...

Karak-Azgal the largest EU server, huh. Interesting, this is a job for Re-roll Man ! I actually chose K8P because I thought it had the highest EU population (Damn you waralytics.com !). I'm pretty sure I'm gonna re-roll to Azgal now since it's been officially announced as the largest EU server. Might see you there Thulf !