September 25, 2008

Mount Gunbad: Mushroom-Crazed Night Goblins

Well, well... yesterday night we went into Mount Gunbad with a larger guild group. Me only being rank 20 and one of the youngsters. What initially started as a quick cave expedition ended up in a fully fledged mountain assault, visiting all three wings. But first things first... Mount Gunbad is located in the Badlands. In the far NW corner of your map you can see a cave, that's where you want to go. The mountain is home to crazy Night Goblins, that harvest weird mushrooms to brew potions. Over the years they have become very powerful through the forces they can access with their drugs. The whole cave is covered in moss, mold and mushrooms. The main inhabitants being Night Goblins, Spiders, Squigs and Giants... oh, and i did i say giant squigs? The cave scenery is very atmospheric, great place.

The whole mountain is a public instance. In most parts everyone can go and there are only (as far as i could discover) three one-room instances, which are group'o'six only, where a boss can be found in each. Most mob groups are larger and have at least a champion, usually 2-3 of them plus trash. Every now and then there is a hero in the middle of things. In addition respawn is quick some places so you better watch out where you go and what you pull. It's not possible to adventure solo in any part, a full group should be adviced. Inside the mountain is a *ton* of public quests and the final stages are enjoyably tough, like Biletongue (troll PQ). Mount Gunbad has its own influence bar and certain stages of influence seems to be needed to enter the private instance parts. XP gained inside the instance is, like in Sacellum, very weak. Maybe after another visit I'll write more about Mount Gunbad - I'll definately go back, it's some serious action in there. But not for the weak... *evil Orc laugh*

There are three wings:
#Right Wing (23+) contains Gunbad Lab
#Left Wing (25+) contains Gunbad Nursery
#Middle Wing (27+) contains Gunbad Barracks

It's possible for you to harness the mushroom powers of the Night Goblins: Just when you enter the instance - and later on at some places inside - is a cauldron bubbling. If you interact with it, you can choose from three repeatable quests to collect certain mushrooms. These quests do not yield any XP, but if you complete them will grant you three different 30min buffs. The buffs being Bloodfang Brew, Green Ooze Brew and Spikespore Brew.

Tip of the Day: Should you win loot bags from public quests and you can't wear the reward yet, store the complete loot bag in your bank until you reach rank. It could be, that in the meantime you find something similar - then you'll still have the choice to pick something else from the loot bag.


Anonymous said...

Nice writeup :) good luck

Anonymous said...

would a lvl 23 chosen be able to tank this? if not what parts could I ?

Thulf said...

The first wing has mobs from 23-25, definately. With a good team and good gear you might be able to tank the 2nd wing as well. The hardest wing you won't be able to with 23, or at least you'd need a lot of healing. Highest mobs in there are rank 29 afair.

Anonymous said...

At lvl 23 you cant tank this (alone). It's that simple. We had a Warband of 2 x 6 parties and a 3rd party of 3, we had 3 stong healers, 4 tanks (over lvl 21) and 1 at lvl19 (and a mix/range of DPS), and there is no way a single lvl-23 tank will make it. Our lvl 26 tank (acting as main tank) did cop ALOT of damage. Too much for a single lone tank with no backups in place. 'nuf said.

Anonymous said...

You wouldnt be able to make a map of this by any chance would you? I have it mostly memorized, but it would be nice to see if im missing anything.

Thulf said...

TBH Mount Gunbad was the first place i wanted to create a map for, but then i realized you grow out of ot so quick and creating a proper map is a lot of work. That's why i settled for the endgame dungeons. Should i get really bored... maybe. I think i still have a bunch of screenshots that would be useful for a map.