January 27, 2009

Quick Addon Roundup

Those that look closely at my addon list will know, i update it once in a while. If i kick an addon or use a new one, my addon list will always reflect which addons I'm currently using. Figured it's time to point you towards the nifty additions over the last weeks...

I threw out ItemRack as it was too buggy/intrusive for my taste and installed Equipment Sets, which offers you three sets, saving gear, tactics and morales. Therefore MoraleSets became obsolete for me as well. Three sets are enough for me... tanking, RvR and solo set are doing the trick for my Black Orc.

I started using the alpha version of Arlien's Guild Manager, which gives you a larger guild UI window (extra window, does not replace) and adds more sorting functions, information plus fixes most of the current guild UI bugs.

Useful small addon i just installed is called QuickNameActions: Adds a few hotkey-click combinations, so eg. you can do a shift+left-click on a name in the chatwindow to do a /who. Nifty!

Did i mention I'm using LootLink? It's an ingame database that collects all items (uncommon and better) you see, mine is around 3600 items now. Nice to look up certain items and especially from the endgame dungeons not all are on WarDB. You can also link the items to others, but they can only click/see the link if they saw that item recently and have it cached.

On a sidenote, pray that Mythic won't screw around with the mailbox UI anymore, as z00g is not developing zMailMod any longer, as he stoped playing WAR. O.o


Castamere said...

Be still my beating heart - if zMailMod should ever be broken I don't know what I'd do with myself. If Mythic does break the mailbox then I do hope they have the sense to integrate the zMailMod options into the basic mailbox.

Pointy said...

Thank you for mentioning Equipment Sets - that mod is fantastic; talk about swapping gear,tactics, and morales with the click of a button.