September 22, 2008

The Sacellum Dungeons: Middle Wing (arena floor)

After the prelude with the first two wings, now we're talking about the real deal. The entrance to the Sacellum Middle Wing is on the arena floor. Monsters in there range from 17-20. Here you'll encounter your first dragonoid, a large Wyvern called Snaptail the Breeder. Fights now start to become more interesting... Looking at all those eggs, Snappy seems to bread a small army to release out of this dungeon. It is of no surprise hes guarding them and the lil'ones don't like their mother to be disturbed. Fun!

The Sacellum Middle Wing has three bosses:
Snaptail the Breeder
Viraxil the Broken

The second boss Goremane is a manticore, i think he had a knockback but can't remember exactly - nothing special. The last boss is a large Hydra, Viraxil the Broken, and here things start to heat up. Beside his normal attack he does a flamebreath on the tank. The nasty part is that he starts to spit fire on the ground every now and then, don't be surprised if someone shouts: Don't stay in the fire! Just... don't. Therefore the tank will move him around a bit. If people are on their toes, this is not the real problem yet. He starts shooting fireballs that do 2k+ damage to people. This is a huge problem, as all the squishies are in danger to get one-shotted, should their health not be topped. The healer just moves out of a fire spit and *bam* eats a fireball, dead. We tried different things to find out of there is a mechanic behind those fireballs, but it seems so far the only things you can do are: Don't expect to kill him with group members much lower then him, stack on elemental resistance and wounds to be able to survive a fireball. This is a tough fight if you head down with rank 17 players and people have to come prepared with gear and potions. Seemed a bit out of place refering to the other encounters... could use a small tone down of the fireball damage.
One more thing we encountered were a few graphic bugs: Some team members could not see the fire spit or fireballs, only after a relog they were able to see them.

Alone and scared in a corner in this dungeon wing, you'll also find Grobbit, whom you need to find for the quest Grobbit's Errand. Two more things to note about this dungeon wing: Gravestones usually have inscriptions and if a fire pit is cold, something might have burned in there before.
That's it for the Sacellum dungeon, now back to leveling so i can visit the next larger PvE dungeon named Mount Gunbad.


Alex said...

Got conned by some friends into running this today. Made it past the first two bosses relatively easy (except that the wyvern bugged out on us once). The first boss spawns some adds, does silence and has a small knockback but otherwise, he's nothing special. The Manticore also disables you and switches targets so off-tanking is always good. Again though, we had no problem with him either.
Hydra just stomped us though. Mostly because the rest of my group was floating around rank 17-19 I guess. Still, it reminded me just how dull PvE tanking can be, compared to charging in the middle of a dwarfs regiment :)

Thulf said...

DPS = Dwarves per Second? ;)

I enjoy tanking well scripted encounters when all have to be on their toes. I agree the Sacellum dungeons are not that much of a challenge skill wise, it's more level/gear dependant. But still, when we first went in there, we were quite low level and it was a real challenge to survive.

Alex said...

One thing I DO appreciate about WAR PvE and tanking is that it's less easy on my poor nerves :P

When tanking in WoW (which I did very rarely, and mostly on friends' characters), it went like this:
"oooooh &%^#, my health's down to almost nothing"
"whew, now it's back up again"
"ooooh hell, I'm gonna die"
"phew, not gonna die"
"aaaaah heal heal heal"

And so forth, you get the picture. In that aspect, WAR seems to give you a bit more leeway.

Quoth said...

Goremane has a _nasty_ enrage if you take too long to kill him. It's pretty generous - we managed it with a rather underlevelled (16/16/15/17/18/18), low dps (2x zealot, black orc, chosen, marauder, shaman) group, but the first couple of tries we had took us by surprise when he suddenly started one-shotting the tanks and wiping the group (he crit my zealot for 13k...).

Eventually we just had the shaman go dps only, and burned him down as quickly as possible, which made it pretty straightforward.

The hydra stomped us hard, though. Instagib fireballs on the healers made it ever so slightly impossible.

Thulf said...

Thanks for sharing, sounds like you guys had fun. ;)

Laira said...

I just did this run today with my guild and we killed Viraxil by keeping her running in a circle, not allowing her to stop at all. Our tank was level 21 Chaos Chosen and he lead the hydra around while the rest of us stayed behind it. He had 2 healers levels 15, one died half way through. I was level 15, there was a level 21 tank and another 16. We got it down.

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