January 23, 2009

How to count Dragon Teeth

Part of the current Challenge for the Lost Map of Lost Vale was to count how many teeth does a dragon have. I hinted in the comments there are different ways to do so. Since i was asked yesterday to share what the different ways were, here are the different solutions i came up with when preparing the challenge:

Artwork & Sculptures

As we know, sculptures of living things are often quite close to the original, not always 100% exact, but give a good impression. There are a few places with huge dragon statues around the world, eg. in Dragonwake. They are large enough so you can count their teeth from the ground.

Scientific Research on Fossils & Bones

All over the world are places with large localisations of dragon bones, especially in the Elvish areas and also in some greenskin places. Looking at the jawbone of a dead dragon will give you an idea about the amount. Even when some teeth are missing, you can still see where they were before.

Last but not least of course there is the encounter of living species. In several places around Warhammer you can encounter large, breething dragons. I confess most are heroes, some champions, and i can imagine counting their teeth might be difficult for squishies... but you could always bring friends. ;) BTW, the challenge is still going on, participate now and unlock the map!

On a sidenote, over the last weeks i had some people create chars on my server just to talk with me. While many just PM me through WHA or my guild forum, some folks were wondering why i don't have a contact email posted on my blog. Well, tbh i never felt the need to be "reachable" much. And if i would have been, I'd probably have missed out on Paul's video message, proving him is him, for me. ;) But to make it easier for people that want me to father their children or convince me to convert to Order, I did set up a contact mail now... as sometimes while ingame i don't have that much time to talk, because I'm busy running a dungeon or RvR. Please refrain from asking me about Tome unlocks or encounter strategies tho. You can click the mail-icon at the header to get my email.

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