January 20, 2009

The small, but annoying, stuff in everyday gaming

I was recently talking with another player about some of the annoying "little" things (bugs & design flaws) you have to deal with every day while ingame. Here is my toplist:
# Fix the guild & alliance UI. It's embarrassing that i have to rely on addons to properly manage our guild as the standard UI is borked and i have to use slash commands.
# When you bid on something at the auction house, the view "jumps" around. When i select an item and bid on it, that window view needs to stay exactly like it was before.
# Getting dismounted when entering The Apex inside the Inevitable City
# It's not possible to dye the primary part for Black Orc Sentinel gear. The shoulders have no trophy slots.
# I disabled all the smart/follow camera stuff. Nontheless, when i die my camera spins around and after respawn often zooms in, so you need to use the mousewheel every time to get out. Additional problem is the camera often gets "stuck" and you have to zoom in before you can zoom out. While talking about the camera view, I'd also really like to be able to zoom out a bit further.
# EDIT: One more thing that sprang to my mind.. when you take screenshots the game numbers them not counting down, but by the next "missing number". This means if i delete screenshots in between, the game will save new screenshots not with the next chronological number, but will fill the spaces in the number range, mixing up my screenshots.

In addition there is a weird graphic bug i (and others) encounter: It looks like some skill animations and some other doodads use a kind of transparent layer. This layer prevents seeing char/NPC names properly as the text is rendered *behind* it. You can easily see it at the cores (1st pic, i used the mount cloud to make it visible) or the mailbox in IC, the second picture shows a layer that stays on the char for some time after you use certain skills, like can't hit me. It's annoying you have to adjust the view to be able to read monster/player names.

On a sidenote, my Empire war story is still missing and only showing ???. I tried deleting the cache but it did not do anything. I talked to the CSR again and he basicly suggested to delete *everything* - aka the standard answer when they have no real idea what's causing it. I'll fiddle around with it some more and try to nail it down, as i refuse to just simply delete all my settings. I'll keep you posted should i find which files to delete. I know some other people have it as well.


Anonymous said...

Yeah sometimes the small stuff aggravate me, but it's never enough to end my subscription. I can't stand when my chosen is stuck like waving his axe. I'm running with my torso twisted, i just look like a noob.

Oh yea one more thing...More DYES!!!!

mko_san said...

If the cache purge didn't work, just out of curiosity try to travel to one of the areas mark with ??? and see what happens.

Be sure to do it in right order:
-when you get to chapter that has gone missing from your ToK first pay attention if you get a new unlock of it.
-if it doesn't happen next go to your ToK and see what is says
- finally click on the war story entry by clicking the influence bar from your UI and see what happens then

I'm kinda curious too ;3

Thulf said...

No, like i said before.. does not work. When I'm in an area from that war story, like the T4 RvR lake, i can access the parts through the INF bar and all the info & inf is still there. Seems just the index file to be borked.