January 20, 2009

2008 Greeny Awards - Silver Goblet

The 2008 Greeny Awards polls closed and the result were posted. Stunty Stomper won the silver goblet for your Favourite Warhammer Online Blog with a good second place. Thanks to all who nominated me and voted for this blog. It's always nice to know people like your site. A guild mate of mine asked me why i did not promote the Greeny Awards inside our alliance - we're part of an alliance with eight large destro guilds - to get those guys voting as well. I did not even promote the awards inside my own guild further. Why? Because i wanted to see how far the reach will be when i only post it in my blog and not get a few hundred people in where some might only read my blog once a month. And secondly, cause i did not care that much... some people like my blog enough to nominate me, that should be enough. The waaagh! blog came out on top and i have no problem to see Syp up there, hes doing a good job with his blog and also supporting the community. And hes lucky looks don't count beside the inner values. ;) Sorry Syp, could not resist to make a pun towards your "new layout" again... if i keep it up, maybe it will become a running joke, who knows. ;)

Thanks again to all who participated and also to Snafzg for hosting the awards.

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