January 18, 2009

The lost Map of Lost Vale Challenge II

The response for the first challenge was much greater then i expected. Nicely done guys! Some of the later tasks will actually require you to venture into the warhammer world and check certain places, stay tuned. :) Alright, so here are the questions for the second part...

Challenge II tasks:
What kind of architect was Doctor Zumwald? architect of the plague (Mazar)
What is a Slayer's (Stunty) job? To die a honourable death on the battlefield (Sekrish)
What is the last name of Caledor, the high elf mage? Dragontamer (Mazar)
What have a Wise, a Goldhound and a Dragonsbane in common? they all were lieutenants of Runelord Ranik Valayason at Grom Rodrin (werit)

The third challenge is up...


Anonymous said...

1)Doctor Zumwald is an architect of the plague

3)Caledor Dragontamer


Sek said...

1. He designed the plague ravaging the empire.
2. To die a honourable death on the battlefield against the biggest, meanest foe they can find.
3. Dragontamer

Think that's that.

Sekrish, Karak-Norn

Thulf said...

All correct, nice job guys.

Anonymous said...

4) All are used as names of WAR NCPs?

Werit said...

The last one is tough.

They are all involved in public quests (Wise and Goldhound in one and Dragontamer in another.

They are not the same race, or even involved in the same area.

if you actually meant Dragonsbane...

Then they all were lieutenants of Runelord Ranik Valayason.

Thulf said...

werit is correct and even found a typo i overlooked, good work! ;)
In Death Peak is a PQ that has three Shrines of them and their spirits involved.