December 13, 2008

Bloodwrought Enclave Info & Map

We did a quick Bloodwrought Enclave run yesterday and as we checked the mini-bosses for new loot i was able to create a complete map from Enclave, maybe it helps the orientation for starters. The dungeon is for six rank 40 characters and is located in the far SE of the Inevitable City. It's pretty straight forward as well and when you have a good group and know the dungeon you can just completely ignore the right wing, speeding up the dungeon a lot. It's the easier of the two city dungeons and you can get away with less wards on gear.

There are two (main) bosses inside the dungeon:
Korthuk the Raging (Sentinel boots & belt)
Barakus the Godslayer (Sentinel helmet & belt)

Since Patch 1.1a all mini bosses inside the city dungeons can drop the belt (now BoE) as well.

Bloodwrought Enclave MAP v1.0


wayofthechosen said...

I ran this last night, and we skipped the right wing as well. But I'm wondering why, just no loot to be found there?

Thulf said...

Nah, the sub-bosses in there can drop loot, it's just not 100% and no sentinel. The three items you get there are supposed to weaken the final boss, but you can kill him fine without. That's why most ppl just not bother... time vs. reward.