January 5, 2009

I touched Darkpromise Feetsplate for a few Seconds

...but then they were gone. What happened was this: We went back into Lost Vale yesterday. The start of our trip was already a bit unlucky, but the climax was our fight against Dralel the Whitefire Matron. We kill the boss, we loot the boss... sweet! Darkpromise Feetsplate (WarDB info on those is wrong btw, check set bonus etc. here) for me. Like 30 secs later the zone crashes, we find ourselves outside at the boat (with a bunch of other people) and realise there has been a short rollback.. Loot from the boss fight is gone and the instance had a softreset, trash back and boss alive again. yay! Guess what the spider dropped this time? Black Guard boots no one could use... supernice. Of course CSR was useless in this matter - nothing they could do to exchange boots, who would have guessed. I'm just happy the instance crash did not happen earlier, as i was lucky enough to get my hands on the Blocka o' da Doombull, which is (beside the Blocka of the Watcher) the best tanking shield for an Orc in game. And it looks like the header of my blog, how cool is that? ;)

I updated the Altdorf City Siege post with some more clarifications, as Destruction was able to capture two fortresses again on Karak-Azgal last night around midnight. I only went in briefly, as it was late already... but it was only my second time and it already started to get boring. Why? While in the beginning there were some nice fights inside Altdorf, rather quickly the instances did split up... Destruction farming Invader in their instance and Order in another. Yawn. Most people won't be able to wear Invader gear for a longer time anyway. Inbetween people met inside the Warquarters scenario, which is not that much fun compared to other scenarios i have to say. PQ Contribution is definately bugged, i tried it out and it does not really matter if you do anything at all in there, its just random. The quests are not repeatable, even not at another siege. Mythic needs to get back on the endgame quickly to make it more fun and fix the flaws with the city instances. If you have a 48:48 instance its a lot of cool fights, but if the instance is nearly empty for one side its boring as hell.

With the bad Darkpromise droprate in Lost Vale (wing bosses only drop one piece, city dungeons at least have a chance to drop more) i assume those people that grind the renown will be better off farming invader, hoping for a high contribution number and winning several bags then. That might be a faster way to gear up for king fights. Until contribution is fixed, i wonder why Mythic doesn't pull the plug on the contribution system and make it entirely random numbers. At least then you won't see the same player grab the gold bags all of the time.


Proximo said...

Man sucks bout those Feetplates! But about the city sieges, I would be happy to see a city siege happen in the first place, even if it turns out to be as boring as you state. On my server (Karak Eight Peaks) the Fortresses just keep crashing the zone every darn time there's a attempt on siegeing them. So while I'd love to see Mythic working on making City Sieges better I truly hope they focus on making Fortresses work.
Though your server seems awesome, time to reroll for us maybe :P

Thulf said...

Seems the 2nd stage is more fun, but without the right wards (at least four superior) its impossible.

On our server, during the two times Altdorf was contested, it always started with the Shining Way Fortress (its harder to reach for order and easier to block access) and the 2nd one bein Reikwald - tho that zones crashed a bunch of time on those attempts and it only succeeded later on, when less ppl were around.

Anonymous said...

I completely and 100% wholeheartedly agree with you there on the contribution system for Keep/Fort/City sieges. I understand the randomness of the roll for loot but if the contribution system is another completely random roll why even have it in the first place? Adding modifiers to people's rolls when they didn't necessarily do anything to deserve such a bonus doesn't make a whole lot of sense and why it's still in the game is beyond me.

Proximo said...

Might be that your server (or just T4) is less crowded than ours, cos yet again yesterday the entire Dark Elf T4 tier wen't down again several times, this time it was actually Order who where at Fell Landing Fortress.
I know that K8P was a very high pop server at release, we had queues of 4-500+ and at a certain point I could not even enter the queue as it was full. So that might be the reason, but whatever the reason Mythic needs to fix it ASAP!

Drazar said...

I heard something about these PQs where you fight againts the other side too, but it seems most people wanna fight where there is no enemy forces so they can get gold bags easierly, is this true? Because thats just horrible carebearism and should be changed asap. =/