January 21, 2009

New Black Orc Mounts Follow-Up

Since i posted the screenshots of possible new mounts and also the cheerleader miniature, i checked out some more figures from the table-top game. I really have to say that Mythic did a nice job of creating the looks those "originals" have into the game. Looking at a bunch of those miniatures shows some very cool war-boars, that actually look like you could fight with them. So an upgraded model with those long tusks would look very cool. I like those a lot, looks like they crossbreeded boars with other animals.

I only found one picture of those mentioned "magical machines", the Ironback Boars and have to say i don't really like their look. Then I'm rather giving my vote to the earlier mentioned "classic" looking WAR boars. If you want to get an idea about some cool looking Orc armor, dig through some of the miniatures... some very cool stuff. Although WAR already has some cool Orc armors, its just that they're only used on NPCs and a lot of shields or the Darkpromise gear just use placeholder models at the moment. Let's hope that changes soon...

This one is for scribbler: I found this thread about a guy creating an Orc Boss miniature, while the Orc is riding a hybrid between a Rhinox and a Boar. Check out the pictures in that thread, hes posting all the different stages. While I'm not into miniatures myself, i found this a cool project nontheless.

Talking about WAR, how cool would it be if you could also dye your mounts armor?


Yitu said...

Great Idea - But what with dwarf-copter? ;)

Thulf said...

I figured they'd get Rocket Belts: http://www.tecaeromex.com/ingles/RB-i.htm

Anonymous said...

Wow that ironback boar model is ancient (just the boar not the rider) there is a good conversion floating around on the internet of the one with the long tusks (although he replaces the tusks with a gas mask looking thing) and is more juggernaut-esque.
But I agree, that ironback boar is pretty ugly.
And that Rhinox/Boar hibrid conversion is amazing.

Anonymous said...

I gotta admit, I'm a mount junkie. I wish they would get some more mounts into the game.

Also the Dark Elfs Mounts need help as well. If you looked at any of the Malus Darkblade Books Cover Art that Nauglir looks awesome.

Vazhra Pureblade said...

Thanks for sharing that link for the miniature! Kinda makes me wanna go paint my CE edition miniature... lol

I think either the Tuskgor with some sleek black and Chaos blue armor or the long tusk boar would be a cool mount.

Yitu said...

Rocket-Belts, cool idea :)

Unfortunately you have no email-adress on your blog, thats why i send you these link with my comment. you can read german, so... :)


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take care

Thulf said...

Actually there is, click the mail-icon at the top left. :)