October 31, 2008

The Witching Night

It's the time of the year when zombies and ghosts roam the night... the Witching Night! The first WAR live event... could have used a little bit more decoration, at least inside the capitol city. There are a few large bats every here and there and at the outer rim are some Nightgoblins, but that's about it. I expected at least some large candle lit skull inside the Apex. ;) Your Tome of Knowledge got an extra section at the bottom (new tab) with info about the event. There is a seperate influence bar with rewards (the Herald for those is near the flight master in IC). The potion will make your char a bit more transparent and you get a 10m Ghostly Essence buff applied, first use will yield you the title "The Spooky". The potion shows 5 charges but is currently bugged, every zoning will refill it back to 5 charges. I wonder if there are more crazy titles attached while you have that buff and do stuff.

For the advanced reward you can choose between four cloaks (two red and two black). The stats are not great (at least for me) it's more the unique look. I chose the red one as our guild cloak is black. The elite reward is a Delicate Silver Mask, which looks very stupid on a Black Orc - could use it as an eyepatch with that size. You can gain influence for the Witching Night by either participating at the special PQs in the RvR lakes (need to kill 100 enemy players inside a very small PQ area, then a witching lord will spawn) or by killing the Restless Spirit & Withered Crone that roam the world all over the place. The spirits are tricky to catch as they only show up for 3-4secs and then are gone agan. They can drop Leather Mask of the Gobbo, which looks quite cool. Using any ability on them, even taunt, will keep them from despawning.

The Withered Crones are suposed to be cultists doing dark rites around cauldrons all over the world. There are three of them at each cauldron. When you interact with the cauldron, you'll destroy it and set free around 10 of the Restless Spirits. The cauldrons respawn after approx. 5min. I maxed out my Witching Night influence by killing spirits, found a spot where i could see six spawn points and it felt faster then waiting for a cauldron repop. The PQ does not yield a lot of influence for you, so the best bet is to fly solo on this one. The T4 PQ takes place in Caledor, its a zerg fest. From the golden PQ loot bags there you can gain a Mask of the Bloodletter. The fourth mask, Gaping Skull Mask, you can win as a random drop from RvR like in scenarios.

The tome also shows a task to kill a certain number of the witching night mobs, no idea what will happen once you finished it as i did not kill 10 PQ lords yet. I assume a title might be the reward. Overall it's a fun event and the masks are cool - despite the worst looking one being the elite reward, which is a bit of a letdown. I also like the idea of PQs inside RvR lakes, as this will ensure some carnage going on there. The PQ area is a bit small maybe, which results in a huge zerg fest.

Edit: I just participated in the Witching Night PQ and was lucky enough to win the purple bag. No mask, but you can choose between a major amulet or a major relic - for me thats Major Amulet of the Dread Guard or Major Relic of the Dread Guard.

Stunty Stomper give-away: The first five players from Karak-Azgal doing a trick'n'treat in the comments of this post will find a Leather Mask of the Gobbo in their mailbox. Don't forget to mention your character name.


SlevinBE said...


Again an awesome post, very interesting :-)

ingame name = Slevin

Gok said...


Treat: Green is good speech

Trick: I ain't on your server!

Gokzongug, shaman, [Da black toof tribe], Burlok server.

Anonymous said...

I quite honestly think that the elite mask looks the best on a black orc. Its tiny, and rests on their pronounced underbite nicely. It appears an entertaining mockery of a blood-thirsty battle ready black orc dressing up in a silly elf mask for witching night to collect candy like a silly schoolgirl.

I could definitely see you going around the zone saying "Trick or treat?!" and bouncing up and down with a hand extended for a bit of candy. Giant spiked shoulders, huge blade, small mask not even covering the jutting bottom jaw!

Zog said...

It's kinda fun, but ultimately just a grind so I don't feel it deserves the title Live Event. I guess we were spoiled in UO, perhaps future events will feel more alive.

Thulf said...

Send you a mask, enjoy.

Nice Trick! ;)

In the end every modern MMO is a grind. Even going into Bastion Stair or Enclave in the end is a grind, maybe better scripted then the Witching Night, but a grind nontheless. The most fun i had over the last years of playing online was on private NWN servers, but then again the community is smaller and you got the tools to use your imagination to create epic adventures. In the end one problem IMO is that everything has to be easier and has to be accessible to the majority of people - else people start to complain. When was the last time you saw some complicated riddle quests in a MMO? I think it stays fun until you let the grind get to you and you have the feeling it turns into work. Then it's time to take the evening off and do something else fun...

Kyle said...

First of all brilliant blog, been following it for awhile and its brill! Keep it coming!

Secondly, what "Text" do you use on your banner? Looks brilliant and would love to use it on my new guild one with your permission!


The Screaming Guppy said...

Nice info, again. :)

I loved my Witchy mask for my Witch Elf - but I found it odd that it was the "big" reward, being that it was so feminine.

However, I do think you look quite stunning. :)

Thulf said...

Thanks guys.

Drop me a PM at WHA or my guild forum and i hook you up with the font, it will be plain without the color gradient tho, as that's photoshoped.

Just before the event ended i was able to obtain a skull mask from RvR, which looks cool on an Orc, have to post a pic.

On a not so funny sidenote, Mythic screwed up the witching night PQ loot bags. Like i wrote i won the purple one, but did not decide yet which reward to take out (as both were not really WOAW) and stored it in my bank. Meanwhile (and event was still running) its only coin inside that bag but nothing else anymore. CSR says "oooooops, sorry! little bug, live with it".

Kyle said...

Sent you a PM, thanks :)