October 22, 2008

Guild Heraldry Emblem on Cloak

Our guild Thirst reached guild rank 20 yesterday. Yay! Finally the heraldry emblem shows on the cloak. The system Mythic developed for the guild heraldry is a bit strange in my eyes. You reserve the pattern with guild rank 10, then with guild rank 15 the colors and pattern will show on the cloak (together with the ugly default emblem) and at guild rank 20 the complete guild cloak will be displayed. Beside the ugly default emblem (why show it at all?) the system is a bit weird as many guilds will reserve their heraldry with rank 10 but you can't see what the others chose. So with rank 20 there will be some surprises to which guilds have similar heraldry. I can't stress enough the fact that the shape will be the same for standard and cloak. So if you choose a triangle shape, your cloaks witll have it as well.

We had a very long discussion about which colors, pattern and emblem we wanted to use. Rather quickly we decided on a dark cloak as it will fit to all different dyed armor parts. The next letdown is that the patterns a) look like some C64 pixelart (look at the border) depending on the different colors you use and b) the pattern color "bleeds" into the background color as a kind of layer - very ugly. My initial suggestion (see the pic) was to use a dark color together with a dark red pattern, but the color bleed made the cloak become dirty grey and the pattern did look very pixelish. In the end we decided for the combination you can see in the upper picture on me as we thought the hand is somewhat unique between the different emblems and has no color variations, therefore reducing the amount of guilds running around with it, and a pattern we can cope with should it take Mythic a longer time to fix them. Funny thing is that we discovered Eva Vix got a sense for style as well and chose a similar design then we did - imagine we would have used my initial suggestion, that would have been nearly the same. So whoever decided on the guild heraldry at Eva Vix... kudos, you got taste. ;)


Lagwar said...

Great job Thulf, btw, we're going to throw some traffic your way as we're talking about your site on tonite's show. www.Lagwar.com : P Shoot me an e-mail if you will, have some questions for you if you'd like to answer, thanks and keep it up!


Thulf said...

Although you don't have a lightsaber, sure. ;)