October 14, 2008

To pick a bone with GOA

Alright, after i just got off the phone with my credit card company i have to rant a bit about GOA. The call was about an incoming debit (just a reservation so far) from some French telecommunication company for "Local & Long Distance Calls" - turns out its exactly the same amount then the WAR subscription. Ergo GOA mislabels debit on credit-card. Their automatic renewal system does not take changes the first time either, you have to change it again later. In addition the system does not show when they'll debit you the next time for subscription. Overall not very impressive - i really hope they'll update their system soon. Until then their transactions will be under close observation for me.

What about the server status pages like the US? Promised since weeks, where are they? Seriously, how hard can that be if we already have playermade server status for EU? What about the Realm War pages? Those were recently promised as well. If none of those show up by next week, i would not give that much about promises made on the forums by the community reps. Like Arbitrary i aswell check the US website for patch information, Magnus said we'll get a similar one as well... soon™.

What about annoying ingame "features"? Here i got some for you:
- Tome of Knowledge messes up War Story entries completely sometimes. You need to relog to be able to access other chapters.
- Rally Masters sometimes take forever to update your influence progress (probably related to the above).
- The "fix" to the guild/helmet disable feature is not working. The system is still bogus and especially when you hear that the changes only show for YOU. Others still see your ugly white cloak, even if you hide it. Great. Is the dye system only on my monitor as well? I should make sure to ask someone next time...
- The AH still does show some items as bugged with weird stats, etc. Those items are not really bugged but only show like this. Seems the AH search function is not working 100% correct.
- Talking about the AH search, some drop-down menus really need to get a use to make it easier to search for certain items (especially crafting).
- Why can't i see if a BO is controlled by my faction on the world map even when I'm not in the area? I can see keeps as well. If i eg. want to use that crafting buff, i have to ask around if we control a certain area or fly around and try to find one.

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Jeff said...

Sorry to hear GOA is continuing with it's issues... It's especially discouraging when you look at EA Mythic's near flawless launch over here in north america =/