October 4, 2008

Updated Map of the Inevitable City

Due to popular demand and many questions about the trainers and such i updated the city map with all the available trainers (career, renown, crafting) inside the city. There are no talisman & salvaging trainers inside the city, you'll need to visit the trainer camp in chapter 2 if you want to train it later on. I was finally able to witness the Monolith PQ and updated the name accordingly.

Check out the updated post here:
The Inevitable City Map


Elsherath said...

Awesome! Thank you very much! 2 Things to point out there are 2 more PQ. One left to the Guild vault into the alley. There is a small skull next to a door and when you click it a PQ starts. And one more between the guild registart and the flight master where the demons from a diferent god appear each time but not sure how you start that.

Thulf said...

Thanks, I'll check the skull PQ. Are you sure the area around the effigy is a PQ? I did not hear about it yet and thought its just flavor.

Elsherath said...

Yup it is. But now that the city is rank 5 its seems only demons of Tzeentch appear