October 18, 2008

Orc Motorbike Gang

Today i got the idea to launch an Orc motorbike gang... after killing some frost Yhetee i got a tome unlock for the cloak you can see. Doesn't that look like a motorcycle jeans jacket emblem? ;) As you might also realize - due to the four skulls on the shoulders - Thulf just dinged rank 30. In the meantime i saw most of the trophies i was missing when i posted about them, but none really awoke my interest beside the skulls. Aside from the fourth trophy slot and bigger bags i also got the skill Where You Going?, which seems very useful. In addition i got enough mastery points to respecc and grab Can't Hit Me! - a skill i was really looking forward to get and will test properly to see if it might also change the way i solo grind multiple mobs. I'll post about it once i had the time to test it...

The Inevitable City ranked five today - finally we catched up to Altdorf, which reached that rank a few days earlier. Overall i have to say the feeling inside the city while ranking up did not change much. Beside a few quests (one of them is still bugged for me, quest guy only respawns after server restart), which were not very exciting so far, the view inside the city did not change. You'd expect more banners, more merchants and such. When we ranked 5 today the guards inside the city changed to a better armor and got some wicked looking shields now.

We also got access to The Elysium today with city rank 5. While it surely does not look like what i expected, it's still an interesting location and might also be a cool place for a guild meeting or some party. The last time i was inside the Eternal Citadel it seemed like the vendors for the epic gear were disabled. I wonder if Mythic changed it that you can only access them when you can actually buy from them or if they were disabled due to some fix. At least i found out what those tokens are you need to buy gear from them. You gain them through raids on the enemy capitol and gain them from quests and as drops during a city raid. They're named Defender's Sign & Defender's Mark.

In the meantime i found some of the "bugged" items as well. There are a few items that you can equip, that use models from other classes. Some combinations look really strange, like a witch elf with chosen shoulders. We got a thread in our server forum at WHA with a bunch of screenshots about those.

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