October 13, 2008

Altdorf burns... again! (Averheim server US)

After the first raid on Altdorf, where players supposedly used some bugs to get the deed done, yesterday happened the first large scale raid that managed to control Altdorf (1, 2). Apparently around 300 members of the alliance Retribution (guilds: PRX - The Professionals, Cadre Quietus, Xen on Onslaught, Dusk Till Dawn, Isolated, Sinners and Misery) started at 7am EST to take keeps and around 12am they were fighting in Altdorf. Most of the alliance were organized very well with voice communication from the looks of it and the whole raid was setup a week in advance. During the five hours of preparation to raid the capitol, they did not meet much resistance. While on the one hand it was early hours and less people online, there are also voices from Order players that complain - again - that not enough people care about what's going on in open RvR. When it comes to the "important" fortress raids, every player gets an onscreen message once the battle moves over to a fortress and also gets notice of one is captured. At least then people should start to move towards the battle zone quickly.

On a sidenote: On Karak-Azgal the Maw was under attack by Order yesterday night. It was a battle 50:20 in the beginning and from those 20 defending Destruction around 50% was from Thirst. When i noticed what was going on i headed over as well (and I'm only rank 28), but the battle had moved on already. It was nice to see that a few more Destruction showed up at the Maw to help to defend it. When one of the fortresses is under attack, do care! Shout inside the capitol for more people to come and defend. If the capitol is under direct attack there is a bottleneck and it's harder to help defend the city then to help defend the fortress before.

From what the participating Destruction players said, it was no cake walk as the upgraded NPC defenses can't just be zerged but also require some tactics. Most participating players were around rank 30-34, they took the T3 keeps and also guarded the altdorf gates later on as only approx. 40 players from each side could enter the city instance per scenario. They took down the head priest of the sigmar temple, but the master wizard (Lord, rank 48, 4 skulls) in the BW college did provide some serious pain. Quote: "He oneshot me (a chosen with 600+ toughness, 700+ elemental resist, 8500+ hp) with a crit for 8721 damage (1962 mitigated!)."

The Destruction players never made it to the Altdorf king tho. The PvE content inside the city seems to be rather challenging, at least players should be rank 40 to have a better shot. Looks like Mark Jacobs announced some tweaks to the zone capture system, that will make early morning raids much harder to pull off, when he commented on the first siege (on KEP) earlier, but MJ said he'll look into all the data from the raid and will announce his finding about system working vs. needs more tweaks later on.

When the players are done plundering the city i hope we get more info and pictures - the warband was in Altdorf for about three hours, should have gotten plenty. Check Dusk Till Dawn for some more pictures. In addition i found a video from the raid on the last T4 Dwarf keep. I also found a photstream by Isphet on flickr with pics. The most interesting part of info from this so far was a sidenote from Mark that how well your raid is doing with the PvE stuff inside the city determines the length of the city capture. So there is no such thing as to capture the city and leave it alone for 24h. Just saw that Andy clarified the capture process here:
# You must capture two fortresses in tier 4 within 12 hours of each other.
# To capture those fortresses, you must seize and hold the neutral tier 4 and your opponent’s zone in two of the three racial pairings (after which you only have 60 minutes to capture said racial fortress).
# After all of this you fight in a contested, not captured, Altdorf/Inevitable City for control of the city, much in the same manner as a regular zone would be. In the case of Altdorf, after you have secured the city and the defending force is ejected from the city you have one hour to complete the Bright Wizard College and Sigmar’s Temple public quests. In the case of The Inevitable City,The Monolith and The Sacellum. Should you fail to beat these two Encounters within the hour, the city will be reopened to the defenders and they will be allowed to wipe out any attackers left in their City.
# If you complete the two Encounters as an attacker however, you lock the city down for 20 -24 hours and get access to the King Instance..
# Contribution points towards the capture of a city are scaled based on the population of both sides, not just one lump sum. This ensures that a defending force with smaller numbers has a fighting chance to hold off the invaders. However, you can overcome the scaling with a sufficiently large force.


Anonymous said...

I'm so proud of my server, good job Averheim Destro.

Glenn Taylor said...

Sounds like the city sieges are working as intended.

I hate late-night zergs, but I think MJ has a point - this is the nature of open RVR combat, so get used to it.

I tip my Swordmaster bullet hat in your direction, Destro

Jeff said...

That's just how we roll on Averheim Destro. All face-smashing, all the time.

Grats guys :)

Scribbler said...

Nice poast as ever Thulf, you are like the BBC news of WaR, always reporting facts without taking sides one way or another leting other people make up their mind.

but i have to say taking nothing away from the people who pulled this off,Unlike WoW WaR is about beating other players not about beating the game.

Thulf said...

cheers! :)
It's hard to take sides if you were not there, would involve a lot of IFs. I can understand the people that are whining (no prime time raid), but i rather see early morning raids happening, then attack windows. If me and my guildies are on late at night and we get the fantastic idea to raid the enemy, i want to. I could imagine some system behind the scenes where Mythic takes the overall population in an area into account and spawns more NPCs if necessary - but that will be hard to tweak. Order on Averheim seems to be lucky tho, as i remember reading that Altdorf did not lose any ranks, which is not how the system is supposed to work.
If not anything else, you got to admire the scale of organization involved, getting 300 ppl together and send them all over the place. I hope the fraps videos will show up soonish.

yunkndatwunk said...

They really do need to make the messages clearer somehow, that's my only complaint. I didn't get the big message on my screen like you do sometimes if you're actually in Altdorf. There are just little blue messages in your chat log which you kinda notice since it's blue. I incorrectly assumed it was about the local t2 keep though. Of course now I know to check the name of the keep - you only do stuff like that once. (though really it would be nice if instead it gave the tier and zone)

Also I was surprised that while the PQs were going on there was not a message every few minutes for people who had just logged in. They would have no idea the city was contested until they tried to go there. I mean klaxons should be going off. Your city is under seige get yer butt over there!

But we tried to spread the message. I was running back to the flightmaster in t2 yelling /1 everyone to altdorf they're at the gates! But maybe that informed 3 people since each general chat zone is pretty small. However I'm not sure I want bigger zonewide chat which would inevitably degrade into Barrens Chat.

Anyway good job. Soon we'll have more Order of high enough level to make a difference. I stopped fooling around my my alt army and trying to get one guy above 30 at least.

-Hammerhead the Ironbreaker

fabio said...

7am till 12am, i hope that mythic do something do give fun also who want defend otherwise destruction will raid like albion in time with no defense.

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