November 6, 2008

Epic Quests for Fun & Gear

My char is 37 already so a few levels ago i started to look around for gear to get; the best stuff for my tank from quests and such. I enjoy to have a closer look at what people wear when i stand at the AH or mailbox. You can always find some cool looking stuff ths way. One thing i realized rather late in Warhammer, there are lots of epic questlines, some longer some shorter, and party quests you can gain rather nice gear from. Besides, often the story is very entertaining. Despite those quests are labeled as "party quest" I was able to solo all of them right when i could take them. If it involves areas with lots of mobs, you just have to move careful.

For your convenience i created a list with the endgame epic quests and their starting points for Destruction, so you won't miss them:

Quest: Prophecy
Starts at: Hekl the Soulless, Chaos Chapter 19
min. rank required: 35
Last Step/Rewards

Quest: Out of Favor
Starts at: Relkarin, Dark Elf Chapter 19
min. rank required: 35
Last Step/Rewards

Quest: Broken Core
Starts at: Mosk, Greenskin Chapter 20
min. rank required: 35
Last Step/Rewards

Quest: The Ebon Flame
Starts at: Fenrith Thaurgyn, Dark Elf Chapter 18
min. rank required: 37
Last Step/Rewards

Quest: Annihilation
Starts at: Cultist Begrid, Chaos Chapter 21
min. rank required: 37
Last Step/Rewards

Quest: Time to Waaagh!
Starts at: Waruhag the Black, Greenskin Chapter 22
min. rank required: 37
Last Step/Rewards

As there seem to be some problems with abandoning long questlines, it might be better to only start them if you can finish them. One more thing you should notice is the last three have many rewards that have hidden procs (here the ones for Blorc) attached to the items. I use the Blood Fury weapon and the Dissolve X (800 armor debuff, 6sec) procs fairly often. Those procs also seems to be bugged atm, as you can equip other items and still use those procs - i cba to test this, but read about it.


Mitch said...

I listed the Order's three epic quests with hidden procs are:

Faith is Madness
Unmasking the Enemy
Desperate Gambit

The hidden procs from what I see are melee only unfortunately. =P My Runepriest picked one up and the staff had a proc called Judgement X which was a 300 damage DD Proc. It never goes off =P

Thulf said...

Thanks for the info on Order quests.

Agriope said...

Thanks for this list!

Vianney said...

for anyone interested in easy low level weapons, wyrmbreaker and broken core deliver.

BUT, you should also note that broken core is incredibly fast and easy, wyrmbreaker is pretty long and sometimes on the hard side. As for Out of Favor, it takes freaking forever, being actually 2 epics wrapped up in one, spanning 5 or more zones.

Also at least for my witch elf, i was able to drop 2 weapons with better DPS than those rewards, from shadow warriors in Dragonwake (lvl 37-38).