October 24, 2008

A quick list of 10 things

...that annoy me in WAR right now:
  • When i EXIT the game i want to get out, right now, and not wait 20secs to logout and then several more for the game to close.
  • Missing item-linking feature
  • Buying stacks (shift+left-click) does not work with all items and sometimes does not work at all.
  • No copy & paste from text out of the chat window, especially annoying if someone posts you an URL.
  • Why can't i destroy items from my bag while in combat? I like to clean up my bags while fighting. Multitasking ftw!
  • Need more chat filters to be able to split away and color things like eg. friend logins, player rolls, etc. Missing sound for chat events like tells (i use a mod for that).
  • Itemization sucks at higher levels. I can choose three different DPS items that are all nearly the same, but none is for tanking. Many items have just useless stats for classes.
  • The 1001 different potions that do exactly the same but have different names and therefore do not stack.
  • Inconsistent PvE mobs in dungeons concerning difficulty and mob level. Good example was (got fixed) Hydra boss from Sacellum. There are bosses & champions in higher dungeons that have the same problem. I've no problem with difficult dungeons (on the contrary) but a dungeon should be in line with the level of the mobs.
  • Crafted Dyes not being special but more like vendor ones.

Edit: Ok, here is one more... WHY does the War Story influence bars get out of sync with the server all the time and screw up your tome. Sometimes you even have to relog to be able to access a Rally Master... else it takes forever to update from the server after you zone or login.


Gronyon said...

Perfectly agree on the first 8s. The last 2 I haven't noticed (didn't do much instance pve).

Jayedub said...

Excellent list!

If logging out took me straight to desktop, then maybe 20 secs would't be so bad, but having to wait almost another 20 for the game to actually shutdown blows!