October 13, 2008

Trophies & Bestial Tokens

When i first started to check on WAR before release, i saw this video (from some internal presentation - hillarious!) about the trophy system. Great idea to customize your character even more. In reality the system is... so lala. The idea is still great but the trophies lack a bit. Some players complain that their items are bugged and don't have any trophy slots to show them. In addition it's not very intuitive, i guess that's why so many people run around without any trophies equipped at all. One thing to note for trophy placement: You can left-click the equipped trophy and get arrows you can use to rotate the trophy to all free/valid trophy slots to find the place you think looks best. Some NPCs have great trophies attached (see pics) but you can't get them yet afaik. You can gain trophies by three ways:
# Quests
# Tome Unlocks
# Bestial Tokens (also from the ToK)

In the starter area (i assume in each, never checked that only did greenskin) is a quest you can choose between two trophies. For greenksin that's Dragonseye Pendant and Orc Trophy. Maybe there are other quests later on you can gain trophies from, I've not heard about any (beside the CE ones) so far. Biggest letdown was the Test of the Arena quest, where i thought "YES, a Stunty Trophy Beard!". But it's only a junk item so far... i kept mine, you never know what happens later. One can still hope, heh.

Next way are direct tome unlocks. Many know the medals you gain from killing 1000 of this and that race. They look ok, but not that special and don't look that different. Then there are others you gain by using your tradeskills enough (anyone else thinks apothecary and cultivating are bugged?). Also from gaining 777 tome unlocks you get a book for your belt. I got mine at 936 unlocks, so i guess not all unlocks count towards it.

Bestial Tokens are a kind of currency you can can use to "buy" any trophy - your class/race can use - you want. They are gained through tome unlocks; don't let anyone tell you they drop from mobs - they don't. Some named NPCs have a token unlock attached to them, when you kill them. You can always only do it once. Beside named monsters there are also some kill 1000 mobs unlocks. As you know i don't like the way many websites hand out all those tome unlocks and things - so please refrain from posting any tips on how to obtain them, etc. To get you started I'll tell you the easiest Bestial Token you can gain as Destruction: Go to Saphery, to the chapter 14 village and talk to Maedlaine Bloodwine, *padabing* one bestial token. Too easy? Yes, i think so too.

Some of the looks for the trophies you can "guess" by looking at the concept art for trophies. Some icons don't fit the actual trophy at all. So it can really suck to spend your hard earned tokens on something that looks like shit. I made screenshots of many trophies i saw on other players and created a summary for you. Maybe that helps your trophy shopping. You can also check the trophy section at WarDB, some have screenshots posted. Should you know other websites with screenshots from trophies please let me know. I'm still searching for the looks on Emergency Rat-tions, Birdskull, Vile Vial, Shiny Neckbit, Mork (or Gork) Effigy, Dangly Fing, Wolf's Skull and Raven's Skull. WHY are there no cool Stunty trophies?!? The ones connected to Dwarfs look really bad. IMO Chaos got way better trophies then greeskins, bummer.


Thulf said...

BTW, the head at the belt of the NPC in that one pic is NOT the Goblin's 'Ead trophy you can buy.

E. Anderson said...

Hah! I thought the same thing about that beard! By the way, this blog is great and I've passed it along to all my guildies. :)

Thulf said...

Thanks! Yeah, i really hope they'll change the beard some day - its disappointing like this. I recently found a "hidden" (not *that* well, but not obvious either) quest you get a cut of head as a reward, but its just junk as well. G'luck with the finishing touches from your movement. ;)

Xibalba said...

Nice work on the collage of trophies there, I will have to pass it around the guildies.

I really hope they work on this aspect a bit more as Paul Barnett made it sound like such an awesome system in one of his earlier pod casts and now I feel a little let down.

Anonymous said...

The 'Gork (or Mork) Effigy' trophy is identical to the Orc Trophy you can get at lvl 2. :/ I was extremely disappointed that my hours of hunting for a bestial token were rewarded with a clone of a trophy I've had since I started. Ah well, live and learn.

Goppie said...

If you go to wardb.com and search under "trophies" in the "items" tab, people have submitted pictures trophies they've found. Some are pretty cool others aren't. I hope Mythic eventually allows a preview option of them.

I was very disappointed in the Wolf's Skull.

Gonna said...

heres another easy bestial token for destro:

Liche (Mound of Dirt/Scepter of Maggots) - For the Promise of Power
(D) & (O)
CALEDOR @ 32, 22. E of the (D) Warcamp against a hill between two waterfalls is a Mound of Dirt. Click on it to get the Scepter of Maggots, then click on the scepter in your inventory. Finally, click the mound again for the unlock. NOTE: For (O) you'll need to come from the RvR lake, hug the hill to avoid the hero packs and drop down.
By Foggye

(pulled from warhammeralliance.com forums)