October 1, 2008

Inevitable City - City Rank 3

Today i logged in and the Inevitable City has reached rank 3 already! Mythic mentioned (or will that be in the delayed patch?) adjusting contribution of PQs and such towards the city rank, maybe that's why. Advancing the city is a nice feeling of the realm working together, although i have to say the "city view" does not change perceivable - could be much better with new NPCs and structures. Nontheless i celebrated the success of the last days with registering my 2nd name. Now I'm known as Thulf Teefrippa, fitting for an Orc don't ya think? On the picture you can also see my new epic helmet, i won through a public quest in Mount Gunbad - have tons of cool screenshots to post from that place still. The name also made me think what would happen if i leave the guild for an afternoon (to get rid of the tag), choose a cool title and go back into the newbie start area, handing out my own quests to new players... maybe reward them with potions for bringing me monster drops.

The city is rank 3, what does it change? Well, first thing to notice: The Eternal Citadel is open for business. Awesome place, looks like a large cathedral and is home to Tchar'zanek, leader of the Chaos warhost and the elite Raven Host. The only new quests i found inside the Inevitable City were found inside the Citadel. While three of them are RvR quests and involve raiding keeps from the other faction, there is also one that seems either to be bugged or very tricky. It's called The Wind of Change and while i was running, riding and climbing around for quite a while and tried a few things, i could not solve it yet. Others have the same problem. The only thing you find in that area is a mysterious altar, giving you a cryptic message that for me hinted towards a group, but from reading about it, a group does not help. I won't spoil the rest for you, but take my advice: The small bit of the quest area high up in the mountains you can't reach at first, it's completely empty; been there, seen that.

One more thing you'll realize when you enter the Eternal Citadel: There are vendors in there, selling epic gear. But you can't just buy it with money, you need some tokens to buy the stuff. My guess is those tokens will either come from T4 RvR action (maybe connected to some repeatable quest) or from raiding the other realms capitol city. The gear is awesome, every piece has three talisman slots. There are two different kinds of tokens (green and blue), where the blue ones (for helmet & chest) somehow look more rare.

If you venture further into the back of the Citadel, there are more NPCs and some of the warlords in there have very cool trophies attached to belt & shoulders, have a close look. The NPCs inside the Citadel also behave interesting and use voiceovers when they talk to each other from time to time.
The recent small patches and hotfixes brought some good stuff: crash queue fix and cross-zone scenario sign ups, but i have to say the patch notes information policy from Mythic/GOA sucks. Did you realize you have to scroll down the patcher window for notes and that GOA does not write every info like the US one does? Best to check the US Herald from time to time for better info.

One more thing i recently discovered are the excessive log files Warhammer Online keeps by default (at least for me, never ticked that option) - my logs folder is 50MB! Every single tell is saved there and all other infos as well. As some readers might have noticed, the list of warhammer addons i use is growing steadily, so many small helpers that make your life easier. I'll try to dedicate a blog entry to addons soon. My crafting skills are, thanks to the help of some guildies, developing nicely as well. I can brew rank 35 potions already and think i figured out how to overcome the worst gap i had, so the rest should not be that much of a problem i hope.

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