October 12, 2008

Warhammer Online Postcards

So yesterday i went into a store to buy a new monitor (Samsung T220) and to my surprise on the counter they had Warhammer Online postcards as giveaways. Good quality, rather large postcards with the below pictures. I scanned them for you in HQ, should you want to use them for whatever. I got two postcards of each, if you read my blog, live in the EU and want one send me a PM on WHA or poke me ingame with your adress. I got two of each, make sure you specify the picture if you prefer one fitting your char. First come, first served.


Markus "LAKE" Berglund said...

Thanks for the scan, i was planning on doing that myself, but I haven´t done it yet.

And i got all three postcards in my regular gamebox (no CE-version). Didn´t you UK-ers got that, or did the CE-boxes miss something the regular boxes had?

Thulf said...

Ah, i had no idea they were in the gamebox, as i bought WAR per digital download. Tack så mycket for the info.