October 6, 2008

Toe-to-Toe: Guild Taxes & Guild Tithes

As we level higher in WAR it will become more important to fill up our guild war chest, i thought maybe it's a good time to take a quick stab at the guild taxes & guild tithes features.

When the guild reaches rank 3, the option for tax & tithe opens up. Guild taxes are pretty self-explanatory: The guild leader can determine a percentage of your earnings that will go to the guild vault. The tax rate will show in the rewards tab next to the tax option.

What exactly is the tithe then? The tithe option is a voluntary contribution from each player towards the guild vault. While the tax is imposed equally for all guild members, the percentage of the tithe rate can be selected by everyone differently. If you want to donate to your guild bank, just click the tithe option inside the guild reward window and a small pop-up will open, here you enter the percenetage of you earnings you want to give.

Both options, tax & tithe, will add up. So if your guild has a basic tax of 5% and you choose a 7% tithe rate, you'll donate 12% of your income to the guild. I think i read somewhere it's rounded down where it applies. I'm not 100% sure, but i also recall the deducted money is only taken away from looting corpses and not doing quests, vendor sales or income from the auction house.


Hogg said...

I have only ever seen money deducated from looting corpses whether directly or indirectly. Never from quest handins or sales / auction house.

So whilst I can't officially confirm, I can confirm that's the way it is for me. :)

Thulf said...

ah, good to know. thanks for sharing - I did not play around with it much myself.