October 10, 2008

punkdudez rip-off

A reader of my blog pointed me towards some guy named barbarianrage (at WHA) who apparently runs the warhammer blog from the punkdudez.com website. To my surprise, he ripped-off my Inevitable City Map 1:1 - even copying the notes in brackets - everything is *exactly* like on my map. He just used another background and put some icons on it. Even the color for the PQs is the same. Should be noted that you write "craf(t)ing vendor" with a "t" tho. ;) The info below the map is also basicly a copy/paste job, adding one or two words and some links, sorting is exactly the same. Following the website i saw that a large chunk of the text for their entry of the open party system is just copy/paste from my blog as well.

Seriously, nothing i write about in warhammer is secret information and most of it is accessible to anyone. But just doing a copy/paste job is a bit lame... don't be so lazy! Either put some more work in it and rephrase it and add your own research or better give credit to where you got your stuff. Just add a line like "inspired by Stunty Stomper" or whatever. I don't mind anyone using info from this blog for their own websites as long as they give credit or put their own research in it to create even better information. Make sure to point me towards it then, so i can learn from it as well.

For such kind of borrowing as this, if it be not bettered by the borrower, among good authors is accounted plagiary.
~John Milton

Update: Meanwhile there is a link to my original map on his website, at least something. I also removed the link as he got loads of ads between his gaming stuff (mortgage, car loans and what not) and i really don't want to share my traffic with him. *shows tongue*


Victor Stillwater said...

I'm an Order player, but I know what it's like to have hard work ripped off, so I feel for you. :(

Ysharros said...

Imitation may be flattery, but blatant -- unadmitted -- plagiarism just sucks.

I am NOT going to give them traffic by clicking the link, it's the last thing they deserve.

Ysharros said...

Changed my mind. ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey to quote a famous 80's movie,"Dude, that's totally bogus"

That's pure douchebaggery, if I even accidentlly steal something from anyones blog and not give credit where credit is due, you all have permission to whack me Goodfellas style.

Thulf said...

Thanks guys! I really don't mind if people repost info from my blog, but at least a small link where the source is should be courtesy.

Jeff said...

I took your map for my guild forums - but I also included a link to your blog, and mentioned your name :)

Thulf said...

Like i said, if you include a link take all you want. I'm happy people like the info in my blog. ;)