July 24, 2009

Stunty Stomper hits 200.000 visitors

Since my Stunty Stomper blog started in September 2008 i recently hit the 200.000 visitors mark. During those months there was quite some time invested in this blog and due to the maps and info provided there are new people finding it daily via search engines. It's quite fun to have someone send you a tell "Heh, i just found this awesome blog of yours and see you play on the same server!". Many readers followed me during this time and i had some great conversations with a bunch of you. Thanks for your interest guys. When i started the blog i had no idea it would turn out like it did. Thinking back, blog related, i think the three most memorable things for me were:

Paul Barnett proving him is him
I laughed hard when i saw the video clip from him, since i really thought it had been an imposter and made fun of the comments. This was by far the funniest moment.

When the WAR bloggers started to work together
At blogwarhammer.net many of the WAR bloggers united, shared their thoughts and tips. When it really started to pick up with activity, this was a great feeling. Since many bloggers stopped playing WAR now, the activity is towards zero there and the WCPI initiative at WHA picked up where it dwindled.

Beyond the Kraken Sea towards the GM Castle
My April Fool's joke for you guys. I spend quite some time in game & photoshop to put it together the way it turned out. The joke did not start a stir like i thought it would, but then again after i got so many tells people spending hours in search of that book, i just had to call it out to be an April Fool's the day after. Tho even weeks after i still got tells or emails from people asking about the book. I hope all of you that searched for it at least got some kick out of it and saw a new area.

Despite what some people think, i never had much contact with the Mythic developers. Exchanged maybe two emails with Paul Barnett back then and thats about it. My contact with the US community team has been zero (tried once but never got any feedback) over this time. I had quite a good communication with the GOA community team (Magnus & Nic) tho there are many issues/questions they are not in the position to organize you more detailed infos/screenshots since GOA is not Mythic. Recently it seems i get the cold shoulder from GOA CMs, if that's due to holidays/sickness or some recent emails where i claim freedom of speech being an independent fanpage, who knows. I'm not really bothered with it since i don't write my blog to get Mythic/GOA approval. Of course it was disappointing to see the US team organized some guerilla marketing and the EU bloggers being left out (like it initially was) or to not get back any answers to your questions. But heh, not necessary to have any illusions about the importance. And no, i never tried to interview any of the devs or something.

My blog is one of the few large ones left and I'm happy there are still so many people reading it and even using the comments to discuss this or that. The next months will show if I'll stick with WAR, but I'll keep you guys posted about what's going on with me... as usual. ;)

To celebrate the 200.000 mark I'll host a small contest/raffle soonish after i had time to work out a few ideas i got for it. Flowers, pictures of your Orc daughters you'd like to see married and other signs of affection you can send by email (contact in the upper left of the header). Stay tuned, stay safe and have fun... Thanks for All the Fish!


WeRT said...


Slurms said...

Congrats Thulf! It's a well deserved landmark, you've run a consistently great blog.

I might get there one of these days...but at the current rate, I think it'll take about 10 years....yay!

Grimnir said...

Plenty of us stubborn bastards still hanging on to WAR. I think it's moving in the right direction now, but time will tell if they get these things right. Their track record is a little bumpy so far...


Anonymous said...

Well done on such a high number of visitors.

Eelco said...


Glad you still post your oppinions on war, really makes the game more fun!

Anonymous said...

Congo rats from an ex Chosen.

Way of the Chosen,
Now of High Latency Life

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