December 5, 2008

Paul loves my blog... No, really!

If you followed the recent posts and comments you know "some guy" was posting as Paul Barnett. Looks like i was a bit too suspicious and it in fact was Paul, leaving a comment on my blog and not an imposter. I've to confess i had to laugh when i saw his youtube message, proving him is him... in a humorous way via video message. So the devs indeed read fanpages and look beyond their own nose & office, you see. If you ever wondered what the crazy colored wall behind Paul in his video clips is, watch The MMO Report with Paul Barnett... it's a fun trip around the office with Paul.

On a sidenote: Yesterday the PTS patch notes for 1.1 were posted and it looks like some good stuff and long awaited fixes are coming soon. As all the stuff is still subject to change, just check it out for yourself.

The Brasse published a comic strip some might be able to identify themselves with, should you try out the new classes: Begun, the Clone Wars Have.


Syp said...

Ha! That's awesome.

Anonymous said...

I would say I'm green with envy, but my armor is dyed warlock purple. That is really very cool though.

Ainilome said...

Ha! That's awesome, I'd be all on cloud nine from my brush with fame :P Woo for Thulf.

Though now you have to tell us what he said, I missed it.

Gorefang said...

Nice to see the Mythic folks taking an interest in the community.

Nice job

Anonymous said...

Who-ho-ho. That's cool. We give impostors too much credit sometimes.

Everyone <3 Thulf.