July 27, 2009

Ragbag with Amenemhetum`s Curse and LotD Talismans

Inside the Tomb of the Vulture Lord some rare new crafting ingredients drop for talisman makers and apothecaries. The two new talismans to craft are Odjira & Kamenra. For apothecaries there are two new potions as well. The Sacred White Lotus brews a Speed of the Blowing Sand potion and the Nehekharan Lion's Heart will create a potion called Amenemhetum`s Curse, which will summon a lioness that is supposed to fight for you. In fact, the summoned lion does NOTHING, just stands there for 60 seconds and then dies. With all the bugs for the talismans and crafting items from LotD, you wonder how all that stuff can have passed the QA department. Did anyone try those banners you have to pay a bunch of gold scarabs yet? Do those work at least or are they bugged as well?

Word of Warning for the LotD talismans (drops/vendor) they are STILL bugged: Their timer runs while you are online, you don't have to have the item equipped and in use. Very easy to destroy some good talismans this way. Wonder when Mythic will finally fix this stuff.

Oh, and btw... what's up with the wardb.com website? Their upload of new items has been broken every now and then and currently still is. Seems the code monkey is busy with their new aionarmory.com website? C'mon, can't be that hard to fix the stuff. Pretty please?

WHA posted a nice video from the Games Day Chicago with all Destruction Sovereign sets shown, some look awesome. Too bad it will be near impossible to get those with the way the campaign is going atm, not to speak of my own low renown rank which makes it impossible to even wear them without months of RR grind.

This evening around 20:00 CET there is a server wide protest happening on many EU and some US servers to make a stand against the current way Mythic/GOA are handling the development process. You can read further discussion and info here and here. IMO if you are not satisfied and you feel raising your voice (in a constructive manner) in the game forums has no effect, the only way to vote is with your wallet and the money you pay (or not) GOA/Mythic. But online protests have a long history and can add to the forum voice, so i don't blame people for trying to get more attention to their cause. G'luck guys, I'll try to check it out.


Pluk said...

The protest was a great idea... only it didn't work out. Not on Karak Azgal anyway. I was one of only 3 maguses...

Well... nice try!

Anonymous said...

Yes the skeletal summoning banners work. No they are not worth the 30 scarabs to use cause they only go after whatever you have aggro'd. Some might say they are worth using in a fort defense but is the low damage of the skeletons really needed? Probably not. Love the idea of summoning a small group of mobs but without either higher damage or longer spawn time it's just not worth using in my opinion.

Inferno said...

The banners do work (I had it used on me). Also i started I new WAR blog called Inferno (http://infernomage.blogspot.com/)and i was hoping you could ad my blog to your links to blogs.

Crystal Tao said...

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