July 10, 2009

Design Flaws at the Expedition Camps in LotD? Tomb of the Vulture Lord cleared

Yesterday we were preparing for tombs inside the Land of the Dead when Order flipped the zone. Being good citizens we went to the Destruction Expedition Camp to defend against Order. While we were outnumbered, due to the gate we could hold the attackers back for some time. They would have gotten in anyway at some point due to their stronger force, but the problem arised before: Apparently there is a flaw in the terrain design at the warcamps and you can use your mount to climb the mountain and jump in. I did not try this at the Order camp yet, but at least its possible at the Destro one. Since its not that easy to just ride in this looks to me like a design flaw with the terrain near the camps. What is your experience with this?

The guild Coven (Dark Crag server) cleared the Tomb of the Vulture Lord (1,2). Like suspected before, after you kill the 8th boss inside TotVL you'll spawn a large statue worldboss outside in the courtyard. I actually saw the statue when i explored below the pyramid, it was far below the courtyard rocking slightly back and forth. Those that are far into the TotVL claim that a bunch of boss fights are still very buggy and you need some luck to beat them if they bug out. I've not been far enough in yet, but as soon as i do I'll report about it more.


Werit said...

You can do the same at the Order camp. It's been known and reported since LoTD was in beta. Not sure if it is working as designed.

Grimnir said...

@Werit - Yeah, I'm not sure if reporting things really does anything in the first place. IMO, they know all the bugs in the game, but have no idea how to fix them.

Crystal Tao said...

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