July 20, 2009

I did switch...

...my WAR subscription to manual renewal. So from now on every month I'll think about it properly if WAR is still fun. BTW, the fact you have to do several clicks more in your profile to disable the automatic renewal feels a tad like GOA takes secret hints from Fileplanet to trick people into monthly subscriptions. How hard is it to have a checkbox (already checked with "yes") on the same page where you can untick if you dont want it automatic? The reasons for my change are plenty.

First one is i start to get slowly bored again. If you just log into the game with your high-end char and you only want to play for eg. 30min to one hour there is not much you can do. If you're lucky there is a spot in a scenario group or a tomb group going, but thats about it. Crafting is too easy and you can't really improve it much, nor make any decent money (not that its needed anyway) with it as everyone can craft themselves everything anyway. The well praised "experimenting feature" for WAR never made it into the crafting system. There is nothing i can do solo anymore to improve my character. Joining scenarios solo as a defensive tank is dreadful and usually you give up pretty quick. If you have more time on your hands you go to instances like Lost Vale, which is very tiresome going there a gazillion times, wait for a slot in a scenario group or go to the LotD. The main thing here being the Tomb of the Vulture Lord - due to the DPS race design of many encounters most groups only take on tank tho. Since i really dislike the zerg-style large scale RvR its hard to find good RvR outside of the scenarios. Invading instances in LotD has been fun, but it occurs to seldom. Don't get me wrong, if you have enough people online to play in a decent group (which i prefer anyway) you can still have a lot of fun, but even then your possibilities are very limited.

The recent changes to classes/careers don't look to me like Mythic will jump over their own shadow and redesign the CC system, only work on the symptoms and not the root cause. On top of this i have the feeling again that GOA does not do a good job for the same amount of money we pay. Their website is still in a similar desolate state then it has been since launch, the EU forums are in a mediocre state, my last email with questions has been unanswered (not even "we have to get back to you") since ten days and so far no one could provide any intel that the communication between EU playerbase and US developers has improved significantly since the official forum launch. Apparently the EU veteran program is running and closely tied into the US Core Tester program, but no proper info on this subject. BTW, the banner "contact our customer support" on the EU website only works if you're logged into the website, else it does nothing - just in case you wondered. Oh yes, and let us not forget that the EU still, after months, does not have access to similar promotion programs than the US offers.

The final thing is that IMO the overall campaign with the capturing of the enemy king is too complicated to execute and takes way too long. Once you are inside the enemy capitol its very tedious and boring, not polished enough. I don't know about you, but i lost interest after I've been there a few times.

I'll still write my blog about what's going on ingame and what i do. I'll still write about the fun times i have in WAR - yes, i still have them - but I'll make a note about the times i get bored and should those come to often, I'll rethink my time in WAR.

PS: For those that asked... No, i won't write about the CB4 Aion weekend, since i had no valid beta key and did not play. But today i decided to organize me one and test some more, so you can expect more info on this front as well.


Proximo said...

What's sad is that you now list the same reasons for being bored after launch of LotD as I had when I paused my sub prior to launch of LotD.
Sounds like not much has changed bar more group related content that involves PvE or zerging. :(
I'm a very sad panda though, WAR was the game that I so much wanted to love, it was my next longterm MMO but I just can't bring myself to log on. :(

Crystal Tao said...

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