July 2, 2009

Tomb of the Vulture Lord

Beside plundering tombs and exploring LotD more of course i wanted to have a look at THE new LotD instance, the Tomb of the Vulture Lord. To enter it, you have to finish the PQ at the Temple of Ualatp and after the PQ is done, the door to the instance will be open. The amount of time to enter is maybe a tad short, could use another minute IMO. Unfortunately so far i was not able to join a group going into the TotVL, but some guild mates went there a few days ago (lockout timer on the instance is 3 days) and with the mechanism to bring new group members into a dungeon, a friend was able to let me tag along. BTW, if you enter an already used instance without a lockout, you won't get "tagged" until you kill a boss in there it seems - we killed a few trash mobs and i still did not have a lockout. Compared to some other MMOs where you get the same instance ID the second you enter.

As far as i've heard so far there are eight bosses inside that instance. Each boss fight works as a PQ. After you kill the Vulture Lord himself hes supposed to wake up some large statue you have to fight as well. The whole tomb is full of traps. I only could check out the first two, but the mechanism works like this for them: Three people have to bypass the trap and on the other side all three have to pull a lever at the same time to disable the trap. The others can follow safely then. Should the instance get invaded, you can turn the traps back on to hinder progress of the invaders. There are also doors you can open/close behind you. Sounds like fun. At the start of the instance you'll find a healer and should you die inside, you'll respawn at the start and not the expedition camp. Thank god! Once you progress further into the instance, there is also a ghost called Adom Fusa'ni who will teleport you stage wise deeper into the tomb once you killed bosses in there. Nice to speed up progress. Can we please now get something like this for Lost Vale?

The traps are cool - you feel like Indiana Jones working your way through the traps. I like what i saw so far and am eager to go back and work properly on the Tomb of the Vulture Lord. I was able to bypass the first (Pendulums of Death) and second (Darts of Pain) trap without dying at all. You just have to watch it for a few seconds and be on your toes, those were not that hard tbh. But i know that many players died several times trying to get through... Hehe... oh the fun on vent you miss. ;) Since i didn't get a chance to fight any bosses in there yet, not much i can say about them. But judging from the feel of the place and the other lair/tomb fights I'm sure it will be fun. I'll try to report more from the place once i could go in deeper.


Chris S said...

Unfortunately we've only seen 3 traps. After that the next two bosses have no traps before them. My group was looking forward to the traps after a boss kill and were disappointed to find that they stop.

Thulf said...

Is the third one you saw the fire trap?

Drazar said...

Glad to see you blogging again Thulf. :) Noticed how EU still doesn't hace a RAF tho? >: (

Crystal Tao said...

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