July 16, 2009

Crafting Addons and Thulf's Grab Bag Questions

Crafting in WAR is a tad cumbersome if you want to produce some serious amounts. Luckily we can use some nifty addons, like Crafting Info Tooltip or Miracle Grow Remix (Cultivating). I just recently stumbled over the Motion crafting addon. This one is great for Apothecaries or Talisman makers! The addon lets you specify (and save) recipes and you can enter the amount of items to craft - without having to press the repeat button over and over again. Awesome! If you try it out, make sure you check the fast creation in the setting. This will speed up the process quite much as the ingredient check will be minimal, but as long as you know what you're doing that should be no problem. I also cleaned up my addon list a bit and deleted/entered pending on what i use atm.

The WAR Grab Bags are sometimes nice with good information, but usually about 85% is just boring Q&A you can answer yourself once you read the question. What about the really interesting stuff to look behind the scenes? I tried to incquire some info from the GOA community representatives recently, but either they left the office for some summer holidays or are too busy with other things to answer my questions - did not hear back from GOA since a week, despite usually the Community Managers are rather forthcoming with informations. Here are my questions the next EU Grab Bag should answer:

1. How does the EU WAR veteran program work in detail? How does this give the EU better direct access to the WAR devs?
It's supposed to be linked closely to the US Core Tester program and apparently GOA chose a bunch of people to participate in the EU program, but i could not find any specific info about it. I know the US oracle program got a special forum and most are core testers, where they sometimes discuss with the devs directly about certain issues.

2. What is the state of Warhammer and the Nagle Algorithm?
Since disabling the Nagle Algorithm globally on your computer can have some side-effects on your browsing/file transfers WoW changed the client to disable it just for the program itself. It would improve latency, but of course the server infrastructure would need to be able to handle this for greater effect. Since there is no latency meter in WAR, its hard for players to test it. No info has been given by Mythic/GOA on this subject yet.

3. When will the Realm War Database be properly updated?
When i access my RW profile, there are seven items not properly in the database, some still lack certain effects and the total stat count is way off.

On a sidenote, looks like patch 1.3.0b will be up on PTS this week. I'm doubtful if the 30 seconds immunity timers will fix the CC problems properly and have to share Anglakhel's view that we need less overall CC and a redistribution focused on certain Archetypes (eg. give defensive tanks CC to make them useful).

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