July 17, 2009

The first rule of the PTS is, you do not talk about the PTS.

So the Public Test Server (PTS) went live with 1.3.0b... I'd like to talk about the changes, but when you want to enter the PTS, you need to sign a Beta Testing Agreement, which basicly says you are not allowed to talk about the PTS nor post screenshots or similar. Seems a bit odd to me since its a public test server and any player can access it anyway. Looks to me its an agreement that has just been copied/pasted from restricted testing. But until the EU CMs don't enlighten us about the agreement, nothing to talk about. d'oh!


Grimnir said...

Meh, do it anyway. Sounds like an oversight left in place from beta.

OR, you can talk about the NA PTS (they're effectively the same), as we do not have the same caveat AFAIK.

Crystal Tao said...

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