July 3, 2009

Meti Ka, Soother of Souls

Finally i got my hands on one of the epic 1H weapons, Meti Ka, Soother of Souls (no link, warDB has some issues atm), that can drop in the tombs. The hammer looks a bit tiny on my Black Orc, but heh... grave robbers can't be choosers. At least it gives me a viable option to equip some of those epic LotD talismans. A few of the really good talismans (cost 250 gold scarabs at the vendor i think) are very powerful. I'm not sure if the trash mobs in LotD can drop the best (BoP) talismans as well, but the tomb bosses and i think also other players can. Now i only need a shield to go with that, so far i bought the blue one from the vendor but due to the bugs (see below) i did not use that yet. Maybe the weapons from TotVL have more unique models.

Word of Warning: I read at the US forum there are some bugs involving the LotD talismans and those can go *puff*.


Yitu said...

Good to see that you are "back*


Regards from germany,


Crystal Tao said...

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