July 21, 2009

Keep Maintenance Chat Spam Message

Is there any way to turn off the chat message that spams you every few minutes after you upgraded a claimed keep with eg. Deadbolt? It's really annoying... CSR just gives a generic answer about where to find chat filters - tho i did not see any to turn off those messages. thanks.


WeRT said...

Check color - and then try to turnoff "white" text on filter list.

Thulf said...

Thats like poking in the dark with a stick, what about other system messages I'll turn of with just "white" text?

WeRT said...

Ask Mythic Thulf, i'm not designer of this game :)

Anonymous said...

Wouldnt kill them to put a checkbox next to the keep in the guild tab to enable/disable the keep spam.
Maybe a 3 mode checkbox,
Off = no messages.
Green = you get all messages.
Red = you only get keep under attack messages.


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