February 16, 2009

WAR: Age of Blogging Wrap-Up

You think: "Yo Thulf, man you're a bit late... January is over since more then two weeks." Yeah, but who cares? I don't like to rush things and if i write about other blogs/websites i want to have a look by myself and not just quickly post a link to a site I've never looked at. That's why my personal wrap-up took a while longer. But i included all blogs that showed up on my radar since then. You probably have read about the initiative on many other websites, it was a huge success. Not only did a lot of new blogs surface, but IMO also did Mythic/GOA see that the existing blogs work together very well and are a fan-network on their own that can have a good impact.

Here is the third (part 1,2) list of new blogs to have a look at:

A Squishy's Time in Warhammer
A WARriors Tale
Ahh sh**! I left my axe at home!
All Things Rob Wild
Blog o' Knowledge
CDN Dragoon
Confessions of a WAR rvr player
Cry Me a RvR
Da'Toughest (revived)
Flintlocks R Fun
Gaarawarr Gabs
Glow of Mork
I Saw A Ratman
Khaine Stole my Bike
Midget Legion
Portraits of War (drawings and illustrations inspired on WAR)
Rambling On Addon Addon Addon...
Signs of WAR
So, I married an MMO addict
Starbreaker's Adventrues in the Old World
The Blue Scribes
The Casual WAR!
The Dreaded Chosen
The Homunculus
Thunzok: The Blog
War Games
WAR 'n Pieces
Wheres the War?
Wiqd Reflections

I had a look through all the 97 (!) WAR related blogs i posted since we started with the Age of Blogging again and added a few more to my personal link list - which means I'm reading them on a regular basis. Make sure you introduce your blogs to blogwarhammer.net, that's where most of us are watching. Keep on blogging guys, I'll flip through all the blogs once in a while and see how they're doing, maybe adjusting my link list. Of course wrapping up the Age of Blogging does not mean that no new blogs will be looked at. Just that i won't feature any of those long blog lists anymore. I'm happy i found a few blogs that will be entertaining myself on a regular basis and i hope they keep blogging frequently. Keep up the good work!


Sumo said...

Cheers Thulf for the include on the Age of Blogging Wrap-Up :) - Sumo, www.wheresthewar.com

Nosmo King said...


This is a great list I'm gonna have to start updating my Blog Roll

Anonymous said...

"more THAN", not "more then", you illiterate ass.