February 3, 2009

Ragbag with Puppet Paul

Maybe you saw the recently appeared rag doll of Paul Barnett, possibly in the "home invasion" video. Paul's latest video blog entry shows the puppet as well. Looks like the rag doll was created by Angie, a software tester at Mythic, and i think its really funny. If someone creates a muppet show puppet from you, you really made it, no? ;) Check out Puppet Paul Almost Watches the Superbowl and stay tuned at her youtube channel for more.

Talking about videos, the Warhammer Vault has an exclusive Mythic Studio Tour video. Check it out so see some faces and offices. Looking forward to the Pendulum of Doom. On a sidenote about the Warhammer Vault, they got a poll running (right side navi) to vote for your favourite blog. Stunty Stomper is in the list as well, drop a vote should you read their site.

Just to give you an example about the lack of certain bug fixes: Patch Notes for 1.1.1 were posted and finally the red orbs at N’kari will be fixed. But seriously, these are bugged for so long, i can't even remember when it started. Stuff like bugged encounters really need to be adressed faster. BTW, anyone else is afraid Mythic might take a bunch of cool NPC armor models and use it for the Choppa before fixing endgame gear models for Black Orcs? I know i am... if only i could dye my Sentinel gear properly. *coughs*
I'm looking forward to the Night of Murder event and I'll take the fun content vs. grind level for my own judgement about the praised "content patches". If NoM is as uninspiring as Keg's End was, this won't give me a warm feeling for the later coming Live Events.

This comic made my day: Mr. Matthew over at the Greenskin posted a comic about the Mythic love letters, i laughed.


Werit said...

That IGN video cut off early for me, only got to see a couple minutes.

Kegs End was brutal. I hope they find a happy medium with Night of Murder.

Yitu said...

@Werit: Do you mean kegs End was boring?

Than i can totally agree :)

Anonymous said...

Keg End was a waste of time. The end game needs addressing the most. I play Destro on Ostermark and over 4 months in we have not had 1 successful fortress take by anyone. Numbers have been dropping off since Christmas and they need to address end game if they want people to stay. With no Fortress takes people are forced to do the 6 man instance dungeons for Sentinel gear. My alliance has been devastated by losses so healers and tanks are now being leveled because they are needed.

Arrolath Frostheart said...

The puppet makes me think I am watching Sesame Street (he looks like a badass version of Ernie).

I am pretty excited for the new Flight Masters myself. I found that more annoying than the animations breaking every so often, although the breaking animations is definitely very annoying visually, it is not as detrimental to gameplay as not having a flight path in every zone. Whenever my friends would be like, "Hey let's quest together," I would take at the map and be like, Ah crap I am in one of the zones without a Flight Master. Better run to the RvR zone border and die.

Definitely agree with you though that bug fixes > new content.