February 2, 2009

Ready-Check for Warbands

Yesterday before some planned large scale oRvR, we were talking on vent about how to improve effectiveness and organization for warbands. One thing I really miss is a ready-check. It should use an easy command like /rdy and then everyone in the party/warband gets a small pop-up where you are asked "Are you ready?" and can click YES or NO. The result (amount of people each) will be printed into warbandchat, better print names from those not ready. The same system could be used to take votes with /vote [message]... like "/vote Do you want to switch the area?" And people get a popup again, voting yes or no. Of course for the vote the no should not result in names being printed out.. hehe. In addition I'd like to have an extra window that shows me all warband people that are not within target range of me, if possible with the zone they're idling around in. All the above only needs to be available to warband leader and assists. Maybe worth thinking about it Mythic, would be nice to have a build in solution, as then it will work for everybody and you can skip the hassle of forcing people to install certain addons.

I'm not sure if all of this is even possible with the current API users have access to, i know custom channels can be used for addon communication tho. So far i did not see any addon that does the above... if you find one, let me know.

On a sidenote, some peeps poked me and asked about my thoughts of the so called expansion, etc. I'll write about it some time, but atm I'm a bit disappointed about the lack of bugfixes. MJ clarified in another statement that there is a large patch coming... but tbh, it has been weeks since the last useful larger bugfixes. So many UI things not working properly, animations getting stuck, etc. Stuff that annoys me every day i login. I couldn't care less about some new zone in summer, when there is stuff i want fixed right now. I can see it in my own guild atm, that people start to become tired waiting for certain fixes - be it for RvR, bugs or endgame content - and take less time to play. When i'm in the mood I might write more about these issues in detail.


Kezrak said...

Good suggestions, hopefully some guys at Mythic listen to those. I also suggested some kind of interactive Map for Warband Leaders/Assist Leaders to share among multiple warbands in order to better organize things where you can, e.g., draw lines and place symbol like "Attack here", "Defend here" or "Gathere here".

Looking forward to your post about small bugs and issues, as I feel the same way about that you do.

Kezrak said...

sorry about the double post :/

Also, to clarify about the interactive map: The map should only be editable by Leaders, but viewable by all in the Warbans.

Anonymous said...

ISAssistTracker has readycheck:


Nobby's Nuts has some form of tactic planning/map thing - never got to it myself.


Both worth a look


Anonymous said...

I miss ready checks as well. I remember back in WoW, we abused the hell out of it to the point one of our tanks made a drinking game out of it each time the ready check popped up.

Dream Lane said...

I use ISAssist, and did not know it has a ready check feature. I will have to check that out, but I definitely think a ready check would be great, and panic buttons as well (which ISAssist does have). IF we could integrate panic buttons more cleanly into the Ui That'd be great.

Yitu said...

I miss also old wow-raidsysmbols.

An AddOn ist not the same as an ingame-function. I a random-ORvR-raid not everybody has your addon, so...

best regards from germany,


Anonymous said...

My guild uses squared as a readycheck. The raid leader asks everyone to move to a spot and then clicks on everyone quickly in squared. Those out of range are greyed out.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree with you more Thulf. I'm extremely happy they're working on bringing back the last two classes... but outside of that, i'd rather they focused on fixing the game in its current state, rather than adding more potentially buggy content (see Lost Vale). Love the game, but it needs some serious QA help if it hopes to keep people coming back.

Pwnsan said...

After so many successful MMOs we shouldn't have to rely on an Addon for simple features such as Ready Check. I would also like to see Warband/Party Leader in text as well.

Thulf said...

Thanks for all the suggested work-arounds guys.

Instead of an interactive map, I'd rather have a general update about where fights are going on to prevent flying around and searching for battles in oRvR. Most large warbands/alliances will be on voice comms anyway, so IMO the use of an interactive map is rather limited.