February 12, 2009

Patch Notes 1.2 (for PTS)

Just a quick note, as i know many are waiting for those... Mythic posted the patch notes for 1.2 going onto the test server soon. It's a looong list, check US herald here.


Kezrak said...

Now THAT'S a long list!
Nice changes in there, removing all % based armor debuffs and replacing them by fixed armor values being one of them.

Really looking forward to that patch.

Arrolath Frostheart said...

I was mainly noting the crafting changes and UI mods. So happy to see all these changes. Are you planning to test out the Choppa Thulf?

Thulf said...

Since they re-arrange the crafting pairing, guess i have to train cultivating on my main again. Third time i do this then.. meh.. hehe

Yeah, I'll make a Choppa as an alt (don't play any alts yet). And on a sidenote I was invited by GOA to test the Choppa starting these days on the test server. So some cool pre-release Choppa infos here soon. ;)