February 14, 2009

Ragbag & Test Server Info

With Mythic hyping the 1.2 patch and especially the upcoming two new classes many players were eager to try them out on the test servers. In the beginning of February along with some others i was approached by GOA and invited onto the upcoming test server. The test was supposed to be restricted, but under no NDA... so i was happy to be able to try out the Choppa pre-release (will take test server access over Mythic love letters anytime) and write about the new classes. Unfortunately things developed different: Mythic decided to release the patch first to their core tester group, which operates under a NDA. GOA was not able to create legal agreements in this short amount of time (for different countries as well), therefore no "private" pre-testing of the upcoming content. The EU will get a public test server together with the US probably in about one or two weeks. The PTS won't have the two new classes online in the beginning tho, just the rest of the patch. Bummer I've to say. But I'm happy to see that GOA starts to show some love to the EU community and is trying within their possibilities to make things happen - of course those things are easier for Mythic to do. I know many EU bloggers were disappointed about not being included in the "lover letter affair", so if GOA works closely together with the EU bloggers that makes up for it, at least for me it does.

Does anyone play on the Dragonback Mountains server? What's going on there? Seems some players are massively exploiting the Keep Lords and also by purpose trying to bug out the city invader PQs like the Brightwizard College. GOA is taking an official stand and punishing those players harder now. Another issue that Mythic needs to adress is those "banner walls" some people set up, IMO that's an exploit as well.

A little ripper pig told me this magazine is where Mythic gets the new ideas for boar mounts. Notice the Babes & Boars calendar. *laughs*

Watching the Ten Ton Hammer panel discussion video and reading the interview from eurogamer gives you a good impression about the upcoming new zone. Will be interesting to hear how many players you need to beat the Tomb of the Vulture Lord tho. I kind of like the fact that the current high level dungeons don't need a massive amount of people to beat.


Bugman said...

Recently iv just given up on DragonBack.. Destruction pretty much have daily seiges and everyone exploits, so it wasnt fun anymore. Karak-Hirn however is much more balanced and fun!

Pasi said...

I'm from Destro Dragonback. I have to say that most of the people in the fort raid didn't even realise that the keep lord was "expoloited". :-(

It seems that it has caused Order to stop defending and the forts are taken daily as there is noone defending. Even the keeps that function as they should.
On the other day, luckyly, order was able to defend a for siege and took back a lot after that. I think that things might end up good anyways. For me the whole Altdorf experience is was a huge dissapointment. As it is ment to be the endgame of this whole WAR it should be lot bigger than lighting up some boxes with torches... I know there is more stages into it but as it usually is quite late when the forts are taken the 5 hours in Altdorf is around 2am - 7am :-/

Well. Let's hope that people on Dragonback concentrate on playing the game instead on whining on forums and let mythic fix the bugs so we can get the forts down properly. Until then I'll be rolling some alts ;-)

Thanks for an excellent blog!

Thulf said...

Thanks for sharing guys.

Earendur said...

I haven't given up on Dragonback Mountains just yet, mainly because we have a strong guild there. It's true that there are loads more fortress/city sieges than there should be, causing Order players to leave the server. It seems though Order is fighting back valiantly as of late. I'm just going to see what happens after patch 1.2.