February 9, 2009

Night of Murder and NYCC news tidbits

The latest live event Night of Murder is on. The event overall looks like more fun then Keg's End to me, I did not participate that much yet tho. Most of the quests you can solve just by doing RvR. The list of tasks is a tad uninspiring to me tho.. while its a lot of different tasks, many of them are boring and you can't really influence when you trigger them. Why are there tasks like "Assassinate 5 enemy guild officers" or "Assassinate 1 guild leader"? Seriously, we could just get a kind of dice item we can use every 20min to try rolling a six - same effect. The marked mobs inside the capitols are nice, as there is life within the cities while people hunt them. They show up as a rank one "suspicious" person and will adjust to your level once you hit them. And yes, i can solo the rank 40 hero mob for the event. You can't kite them around too much tho, once it disappeared in a cloud while i was fighting it still. If you "camp" one of the spawn places for the marked monsters it will take you approx. 20-30min to kill five for the marked quest. I read somewhere you could use the influence daggers from that quest in areas where your realm has an INF bonus to gain more then 430 INF with them, but either it was fixed or its an urban legend. Did not work when i tried it. The rewards look okay to me.
BTW, the Lobbin' Noggin you need to throw five times to a friendly player can be tossed back and forth between you and a friend. So in theory one skull would be enough to finish this for the whole guild.

The most fun thing during this event is the "love note" you can send enemies tho. During RvR there is a small chance your corpse will drop a Thoroughly Lobbed Nog and if an enemy picks it up and mails it back to you, you'll get a pocket item in your mailbox: Your Thoroughly Lobbed Nog. Not exactly sure what it does when you use it, but I'll research later.

There are several news tidbits people could gather on the NY Comic-Con event. Ten Ton Hammer got a nice video of the Choppa and WHA got a nice write-up here. There is also news about new mount options: With guild rank 20 you can buy a color variation and with guild rank 37/38 you'll gain the option to buy armored mounts (slightly faster and harder to dismount), the models used so far look the same just with some armor. Bummer, i hope that will change... guild rank 37 is far away still tho. Our guild is close to 29 now.

Talking about our guild Thirst, we're still recruiting btw.

On a sidenote: We recently cleared wing one and two (then it was late) in Lost Vale with five people, because we had one person drop out right at the start. I was really not sure how far we could get with five and especially Gorak looked tough. It was a fun challenge but in the end we managed it. Just as a tip tho: Should part of your group die inside LV and you don't have wipe recovery available due to skills/banners: Roll on boss loot before you release. The despawn timers on the boss corpses are shorter then the way you have to run back and CSR will tell you "So Sorry, maybe post a suggestion as feedback on longer despawn timers". Happened to us after the Gorak fight.

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