December 6, 2008

Weird Server Glitches

Since a few days (last patch?) I got some weird server glitches (sometimes) when i try to log into the game. I choose my character just like normal, try to login and from the loading screen "crash" back to the character screen, only its black, just the buttons etc. show. When I try to log back into that char, it works... BUT: No mailbox, no mount and no interactive NPCs like vendors, flight master, auctioneers, etc. are there. After like 5min or so the mailbox/mount starts to respond, but the NPCs are still MIA. I can run around inside the city just fine - only doors like the citadel are closed and not responding (damn! No sitting in Tchar'zanek's throne). What to do when the NPCs go missing? I smell business opportunity! On the pictures you can see me posing as the Flight Master and handing out library cards inside the Lyceum. Maybe the Draenei are to blaim for this phenomenon, who knows? *shrugs*

Since quite a while now players suspected the keep contribution to be borked... even chickens could win gold bags. Many tried to prove it and all came to the same conclusion: it is broken. Relogging/zoning would fix a low contribution score. Finally we got official word from Mythic, when Paul and Colin talk about the "lunatic code" and indeed confirm it's working for PQs but not for RvR Keeps. They say it will be fixed soon™.


Skips said...

Sounds like you are de-synching with the server. I get something similar when I stay AFK on the char select screen too long.

Thulf said...

Yeah, exactly my thought... weird tho that it happens when i try to login, right after i started the WAR client for the first time.

Cutfroat said...

As far as the throne screenshot, you could always try logging off in the citadel. If you got the same error when you logged back in, you should be on the correct side of the door.