December 8, 2008

My ingame Xmas Wishlist

Thinking about Xmas and WAR i realized the single most wanted feature from WoW for WAR is wrapping paper! What a cool idea was it to implement wrapping paper containers in WoW and how much fun did we had with sending stuff. But then again WAR does not have enough "fluff" items yet you could give to other players. Tome unlocked items are bind to you and beside dyes (which mostly look like vendor dyes anyway - fix crafted dyes damnit!) there is not much to present to others, beside maybe gear. But as you need the wards for endgame, even the 39 blues (which drop fairly rarely) are usually not interesting. Then again, half my bank is full with BoP grey items i got from hidden quests and whatnot... still intending to load up on them one day and ride the land up and down to find a purpose.

We all want the "core game" to be fixed before Mythic implements more "fluff" for fun, but not eveyone in the team will work on the main problems. What minor/fun things can you think of for the game? The humor and feel of some areas is great, but others are rather dull. And meanwhile there are no new funny trashitems (ever send Da Last Boss to your guild leader?) to find and send out.

Here is my ingame Xmas wishlist:
  1. The title "Stunty Stomper", which sounds cooler then "Master Slayer of Dwarves" (no, don't have that one yet)
  2. A Blocka o' da Doombull shield, which fits my blog header.
  3. A Kossar's Helm and more items like that
  4. Rename Sigmar's Hammer in Altdorf into Pretzelbar
  5. More animated emotes to sit & stand (AoC was awesome in this regard)
What do you wish for?


Manche said...

I wish for many goodies for me squig herder waaaagh ! :)

I was wondering if you could tell me how to get The Defrosted title that would be a great gift ! :)

Nice blog keep up the good work !

Thulf said...

To invigorate against frost people do icewater baths for hundreds of years. I found the half-frozen lake in the middle of High Pass to be enjoyable for that, but maybe not everyone survives that procedure? Puny humans drown so easily...

Manche said...
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Vazhra Pureblade said...

I would like to get a hold of some White armor dye, either from vendors for a steep price or the reagents to make it myself.

After that, getting a character to T4. Guess I would need to settle one what class to play though...

I totally agree though, WAR could use more fluff, like the Reikland pies. I heard Paul mention something about a stein you can maul people with and that would be a step in the right direction. =D

Anonymous said...

All I want for Christmas is a march on Altdorf.

Ainilome said...

/sit and /walk would really make my Christmas ; ; I don't think there's anything else I'd ask of WAR

Anonymous said...

I want to a big spike on my shoulder i could put a skull on for christmas...or a fluffy bunny to follow me around...either one.

Thulf said...

A pink bunny fitting your warlock purple armor? :P

There is some "Skull White Dye" from boss drops now apparently:;8=dye

Will be interesting to see if those dyes will start to drop from the city dungeons as well or if they'll stay in Lost Vale.

George said...

I want 5000% XP and Renown boost so I can level up a bit faster

Anonymous said...

Less clothing for Witch Elves!

Oh wait... here are my other wishes, anyway :P

Arrgh Necksnapper said...

ascendant verses....

or a job with mythic being on the creative ideas team

as i know if i owned chess what moved id change what id do to it and why.

Yitu said...


i want a better to achive openrvr. (Which means... easier to acess. Better travelways... heck - my german ;) )

i have my own WAR-wishlist. ;)

Take care


Thulf said...

So which rule would you change and why? ;) Did you ever try Bosworth (its like a chess variant for up to 4 players, all fighting each other at the same time)?

Kein Problem, verstehe ich schon. ;) Nettes Blog...

Drew said...
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Drew said...

More titles, that are hard to get!!

Do you know how many hours Ive wasted killing deer and rabbits in hopes of a silly title?
(I know of the Chicken killer titles, but come on, Im able to kill deer...whats the point?)

Agree with better dyes.

And ditto. very nice blog, Ive hit it 3 times now and its chalked full of goodness! Keep up the good work!

And Id like to be able to quit my career, settle down in Altdorf (@ lvl 40, if I choose) and start a Rat Catching business (thats some of the fluff you were talking about thats needed).
Say, spend 5000 Gold to set up a house and run around all day killing and selling rats, improving Altdorf.

Just an idea...

Gore Necksnapper said...

Id make it so when the king is in check he can take a pawn in order to move out of check #


if near a pawn they could take a step back or to the side in order to block check but wouldnt be able take a piece just as a purely defensive measure only.

Now did anyone find accendent's verses