December 5, 2008

The missing Horns for a Matching Set

Frequent readers of my blog know that i like to explore the WAR world. I think i spend more time running, climbing and riding around then in scenarios so far. I'm still amazed about all the stuff you can find a bit off the known paths. During my way to rank 40 i found many Tome unlocks by myself, some before they have been posted anywhere. If you move through the world and look around most corner with open eyes you can find a lot of weird things. Yesterday I was exploring another area i did not had a closer look at yet. To my surprise i found a "broken" Tome unlock: A Matching Set. On a champion mob not related to the Bray Shaman race and in a completely different location then the Tome says i found the Bray Shaman Horns needed for that unlock. Too bad the gained title "Sentinel" is nearly the same as "The Sentinel" - you get when you complete the Sentinel set... no one will really see the difference. I bugged the broken unlock, not sure if it can be completed in Saphery as well, but i won't count on it or spend too much time searching for it. And yes i know what you're saying.. why couldn't you find The Ascendant Verses? Next time, promise... ;)


Anonymous said...

And where did u now finally found it?

Anonymous said...

Yes, can you share where you found it please?